Why Joining A Fandom Isn’t Bad

To those who find fandoms to be silly, you don’t know what you’re missing! So here’s 5 reasons why being part of a fanbase is worth it.

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Being part of a fandom can be loads of fun. That’s because it’s literally just about enjoying your interests and hobbies, celebrating with others who feel the same about the topic. (If you want the fancy version, Merriam-Webster defines fandom as “the state or attitude of being a fan,” so there you go).



And yet, some people believe it’s a bit too childish, like it’s something only obsessed teenagers do. But there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of something. Whether that be towards a musician, book series, or TV show. And people in fandoms are definitely not obsessed––just incredibly passionate! But if you still haven’t changed your mind, then without further ado, I give you five reasons why joining a fandom isn’t so bad.


You get to nerd out with other people




Probably the most obvious reason here is that when in a fandom, you can talk amongst other fans about anything regarding your shared interest. And typically, without any judgement or eyerolls! Not that you can’t do this with your IRL friends, but most of the time they’ll just sit there and nod while you rant about how excited you are for something they don’t understand. At least with other people in the fandom, you can go back and forth discussing everything you’re hyped for.


You learn more about what you enjoy




You know how sometimes people get infatuated with other people for a little bit then realize it doesn’t get any deeper than that? That happens with our hobbies sometimes too. I once thought I was a Marvel fan because I really liked Avengers: Infinity War. I joined in on all the online discussions when I got home from the theater. But…hours and hours researching everything MCU, I came to the conclusion that I only liked it because of Chris Evans and his beard. Who would’ve thought? Not me, if I didn’t temporarily join that fandom.


It’s an outlet




Life can suck sometimes and we can have days where things don’t go too well, but you can always find an escape through fandoms. That can be promoting your favorite singer’s newest song, finding out the latest update on a film, or even connecting to a fictional character you absolutely love. Fandoms are essentially a safe place where you live stress-free. It’s also a nice distraction if you’ve got tons of things on your to-do list.


You grow as a person




This one’s kind of cheesy, but it’s true. While we learn important lessons throughout our lives, being in a community teaches us stuff we might’ve not found out on our own. And I’m (sort of) talking about the less serious stuff. Take joining a community on Reddit for example: if you’re new to the group, the more-experienced folks will fill you in on anything you want to know. It’s basically like you’re the padawan, and they’re the Jedi. It’s great, you’re bound to be taught something new everyday.


Because it’s FUN!




This wraps up everything altogether. Joining a fandom can be refreshing and the start of a new chapter for you, even if it only lasts a year or so. It’s a nice way to spend your free time, really. Just enjoying what you’re passionate about and sharing it with others who also care about the subject. The best part? A fandom can be about anything. Cars, fashion, cooking, photography, you name it. And yes, books too!