Why You Should Be A Book And A Dessert Person

We are here to convert you into a dessert person! It is National Pastry Day, and it is the season for learning more about the importance of baking with the help from Claire Saffitz!

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December 9th marks National Pastry Day! What better season to celebrate such a day? December is the month of all things sweet and sugary, and I also want to highlight someone special that is a pastry goddess. Claire Saffitz is a pastry chef who has been known for creating everyday treats into gourmet sweets. She most recently came out with a cookbook that highlights and reveals the secrets to her best pastry gourmet foods! Today is a perfect day to talk about Dessert Person so that you too can become a gourmet chef

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If you are here, you are most likely a book person, but let’s make you into a dessert person. Baking can be a very daunting task, especially if you are a perfectionist like I am. But Dessert Person is solely based on baking with CONFIDENCE. But, what does it truly mean to be a dessert person? To me, it means making a kickass sweet food that you can have at the end of every meal; also, having a hankering sweet tooth. If you like cookies, pies, and cake then you are already halfway there.

Claire Saffitz wrote Dessert Person to wholly defend her love for deserts. Her recipes represent how versatile and flexible baking can be. It isn’t all about cookies and brownies; there are so many more possibilities. She works to empower those who are home bakers and to expand their ingredients, attempt new techniques, and generally approach baking with newfound confidence.

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This book works to persuade those skeptics who proclaim to be “cooks,” not bakers. Baking is utterly adaptable and surprisingly rewarding. It can act as therapy for long, laborious workdays. Anyone can be a baker; you don’t have to be the most creative, patient person on earth. Remember, baking is a really rewarding hobby.

Lastly, being a dessert person is declaring that there are no good or bad foods. Food should not hold moral weight. Dessert Person is a cookbook that has practical recipes for those at home, but it is also Claire’s meditation on the benefits and pleasures of living less restrictively.

We really hope you go out and check this book out, you can find it here on Amazon. Remind yourself on National Pastry Day that we are all dessert people!