Writers: Do you need to be a Storyteller to be a Writer?

A Writer and Storyteller do have separate expertise but the fact is it all comes down to your strength and weakness.

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Writers are unique, they think of different techniques to communicate ideas to their readers. Perhaps you must have thought of this question: Do I need to be a storyteller to be a writer?
If you feel the answer is Yes, that’s correct and if you feel the answer is No, that’s also correct. To be sincere, there is no wrong answer but let’s break it down to get a better picture of the concept.

What is the Main Difference between a Writer and a Storyteller?

Writer vs Storyteller
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Writers do more than just write words, they use those written words in various styles or approaches to convey information. Writers could report facts, offer inspiration, write books, and could even write stories. Good writers construct their writing based on grammar, word use, punctuation, etc.

Storytellers aim on telling stories, it could be fact or fiction but they share them with enough suspense and another medium that captures the heart of their audience. Writing can get words on a page but for a more effective outcome, a storyteller must possess both skills: writing and telling good stories. Good storytellers construct their stories based on character, tension, climax, personal growth, etc.

We’ve got a clear understanding of what differentiates a writer from a storyteller. Now, the reason why there is a need for a storyteller to be a writer and why not.

Do You Need to be a Storyteller to be a Writer?


Yes, if someone is a fiction writer, it’s assumed, they’re also a writer and if they’re a storyteller, it’s assumed they’re writing those stories down. An obvious truth is, this good writer can learn from a classroom but a good storyteller can learn from experience.

No, Writers and Storytellers possess different expertise. Even though, we are all interested in both; it is for a fact that most of us are strongly attached to one than the other.

Maybe you consider yourself as a Writer or a Storyteller. Maybe you consider yourself as both or neither. The point is: self-understanding is needed and essential when weighing your strength and weakness to know what works best for you.

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