You Know You Love It, XOXO: Iconic Moments from Gossip Girl

In anticipation of the HBOMax launch of the new Gossip Girl, take a look back at some of our favorite and iconic moments from the 2007 television series.

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The Gossip Girl reboot is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. While we have patiently waited for “the reboot of our lives,” we can’t help but feel nostalgic for the original characters we fell in love with. In anticipation of the HBO Max launch of the new Gossip Girl, let’s take a look back with us at some of our favorite and iconic moments from the 2007 television series!!



The Pilot Episode


The excitement we had watching the first episode can absolutely not go ignored. A girl returning to school after a mysterious long-term absence? Sophomores in high school partying 24/7? Cute boys who are definitely more attractive than any of the boys who went to my own high school? Yes to all of it. I like to think that part of Gossip Girl‘s original intrigue was that it gave its audience what they wanted, but couldn’t necessarily have at sixteen years old. If only we knew how blessed we’d be for five more years and six total seasons.





Any scenes on the steps of the metropolitan art museum in MANHATTaN


Whether it was girl talk, boy drama, or a full-fledged wedding, every moment that occurred on the steps of the Met was amplified simply because of the scenery. Nothing says wealthy like having a regular hang-out spot outside one of the most renowned art museums in the entire world. Some reports claim that people can no longer sit outside of the museum for safety reasons, while others say that sitting on the steps is a New York tradition. Either way, this iconic habit is immortalized in both of the series for generations to watch in the years to come.




The Fashion


All that any young teenager wants is a beautiful wardrobe with perfectly coordinated outfits and a variety of pieces to avoid becoming an outfit repeater. While the books originally introduced us to the series’ iconic characters, the television show gave us a visual for the descriptions of outfits we could once only imagine. Although dramatic, outfits worn on the show by women and men alike were absolutely stunning. It definitely doesn’t depict the capri pants and tunic tops fashion of the early 2000s which makes it so unique to the series.



Blair becomes a princess


It may have been short-lived, but Blair’s status as actual royalty made the show even more magical than the New York backdrop already did. Not only was Blair wealthy and popular, but she was now part of a royal family? Insane, but admirable. In one fell-swoop, Gossip Girl became a mix between a Hallmark and a Lifetime movie, and we were hardcore there for it. If only Blair wasn’t meant to be with Chuck…



The Jenny Humphrey Makeover


Whether you loved it or hated it, Jenny Humphrey’s left turn into thick black eyeliner and fishnets was a statement moment. The good-girl-gone-bad trope is always a fun one to explore, and Jenny definitely personified this during her most badass moments. Besides, it was admirable that both Taylor Momsen as a human being and Jenny as a character were on the journey to find themselves outside of popularity and fame.



Georgina Sparks


The existence of Georgina Sparks made both the novels and the television series more captivating. When it appeared that everyone was frenemies with each other, Georgina truly was the enemy of every character for quite some time. She rocked boats, and she did it 100% without remorse. People still debate whether bible camp really did anything for Georgina, and for that, she is worthy of making our icon list.



Serena’s graduation headpiece


To this day, I see memes about Serena’s, um, interesting choice to tie her graduation tassel to her hair instead of to a graduation cap. While kind of inefficient and extremely pointless, this moment is still being pointed out today as one of the wildest aspects of the show that most viewers missed the first time around. This fashion statement screams “not like other girls,” but I guess Serena was never one to blend in anyway.




“Three words. Eight letters. Say it and I’m Yours.”

Three Words, Eight Letters....Two People [Royally Pink ]
A simple statement made and reiterated in powerful moments between a couple that everyone was rooting for across six whole seasons. Through their ups and downs, Blair and Chuck finally came together in a surprise wedding during the final episode of the season. Their relationship was arguably toxic (and Chuck was unarguably a disgusting person in many ways), but I think most fans would agree that the two would have done better in a more perfect world.





Any 90s kid has a soft spot for actress Hilary Duff, so to have her star as a reoccurring character in a show we loved as teens is absolutely iconic. Although Duff only guest-starred as Olivia Burke for one season, she sure had enough time to shake things up during her relationship with Dan. Duff was only one of many celebrity sightings on the show, but we feel she definitely made the greatest impact.




When the Identity of Gossip Girl was finally Revealed


What the television show provided that the books never did was an actual identity of a “gossip girl” creating havoc for this group of rich high schoolers. Some hated the show’s reveal, while others thought it was the perfect “hiding-in-plain-sight” moment. Rumor has it that the identity of Gossip Girl is made known pretty early on in the reboot, so we are excited to see what is to come of this massive revelation!

Let us know what your favorite Gossip Girl moments are, and what you are looking forward to in the reboot!