Young Readers Day: Five Fiction Books For Middle Schoolers

It’s Young Readers Day, to celebrate lets recommend some fiction books for middle schoolers to leisurely read.

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Today is Young Readers Day. Middle Schoolers need to have some leisure time reading new fiction titles. Here are five fiction books for middle schoolers to read.

Red, White, and Whole by Rajani LaRocca


Reha is in between upholding her family Indian traditions at home vs being the only Indian American middle schooler. but her parents don’t see her struggle. They only have high expectations for her. Her mom seems distant and she wonders if it’s her fault. But when she finds out her mom is ill, Reha wants to be a future doctor. Despite being horrified by the sight of blood, she is determined to help her mom.

Paper Things by Jennifer Richard Jacobson


When Ari’s Mom died four years ago she made Ari promise to always stick by her older brother, Gage. She also promised to get into Carter, a middle school for gifted students. But now, nineteen year old Gage is sick of living with their overbearing foster parents. He decides to leave, and Ari follows. they constantly “couch surf” at Gage’s girlfriend’s house, and at his friends; houses. They also go to the juvenile shelter to avoid the cold nights of Maine. But Ari is struggling to maintain her friendships and homework at middle school. Will she have to break her mother’s last promise? 

Thanks A Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas


Brian has always been anxious at home, class, and the basketball court. His parents have tried to help as much as they can. But after Brian and his brother are placed in foster care, he starts to have panic attacks.

Ezra is very popular. Most of his friends are on the basketball team, including Brian. But Ezra has noticed that Ezra has been pulling away, and that his teammates are acting strange. Ezra wants to help Brian but he’s afraid of his teammates finding out his crush on Brian. But when Brian and his brother run away, Ezra must take the biggest leap to help him. Will Ezra and Brian peel their layers and help each other?

Yusuf Azeem is Not a Hero by Saadia Faruqi


Yusuf spends his time in small town Frey, Texas wanting to participate in a robotics competition. Now the time is here and he knows he can win. Only this year is different. In the twentieth century, 9/11 is approaching. A time of grief, but also when Muslims are on edge. In his town there are protests happening at the mosque. Can he maintain his friendship while also trying to comprehend the heartbreak and prejudice thrown in town? This book talks about perspective, identitym and grief and trying to understand it through a middle schooler’s eyes. 

Elfie Unperfect by Kristin Mahoney


Elfie Oster was positive that Hampshire Academy was the perfect fit for her, until a huge misunderstanding gets her expelled on the first day. So she goes back to Cottonwood Elementary, where she doesn’t have any friends nor fits in. Worse, her baby sitter gets sick and her aunt and uncle aren’t speaking. The list of terrible things goes on. She is stuck doing a project with an egg. It seems everything is imperfect for Elfie. But in the midst of all the imperfection and chaos, Elfie will learn what’s really important. This book is hilarious and has a positive intention through the imperfections of middle school life.

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