‘Your Smile is a Trap’: A Webtoon about Appearances

When it comes to appearance, it’s the first thing people judge. ‘Your Smile is a Trap’ focuses on two students who are judged by appearance. While one is adored because of his looks, the other is feared. Yet, despite how they appear, they find friendship with each other. Enjoy this romantic, slice of life Webtoon: ‘Your Smile is a Trap’

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Your Smile is a Trap is a Webtoon that focuses on two polar opposite characters. When it comes to their appearances, they both receive major attention. The creator AENGO wrote this Korean Webtoon to show that appearances should not be what we judge. 



Your Smile is a Trap


Your Smile is a Trap is about ex Idol trainee Kiyu, who’s praised for his good looks. But he doesn’t enjoy the attention. He decides to go to a public school near his grandmother’s house. When he disguises himself with glasses he realizes that making friends is hard. Despite his social awkwardness, he does his best to make friends, eventually befriending the most shunned girl in school. 


Kiyu Ahn


Kiyu has a sweet disposition about him. He doesn’t fit the stereotype of an arrogant young man who knows he’s good looking and enjoys the attention. He quit Idol training he felt there was too much attention on his appearance. Kiyu wants to make friends organically based on his personality. He decides to stay with his grandmother and go to a public school. While there, he befriends Lily Cha, who is seen in a negative light. Her appearance makes her feared by classmates. However, Kiyu looks past her appearance and finds her to be a beautiful friend. Despite his Mom pushing him to become an Idol, his goal is to bond with Lily and not be visited by his past. 


Lily Cha


Lily has always been judged for her permanent scowl. She inherited the expression from her father, who’s a sweet florist. The other students think she’s a bully, and rumors are flying that her father is in a gang. No one has the courage to actually talk to her. They all keep their distance. However, Lily prefers it that way. She keeps her head down and doesn’t enjoy attention. But suddenly the new student, Kiyu, talks to her. Lily begins to question herself. At first, she questions his motive. A guy with glasses is now her seatmate. But when she sees how blindingly handsome he is, she can’t look him in the eye. Lily is a kind person. She is humble and has low self esteem. She can’t believe anyone would want to be her friend, but she tries to get along with Kiyu, even if his appearance is distracting. 

Go read Your Smile is a Trap, and watch their story unfold. It’s time to learn that appearance isn’t everything.

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