5 Fantastic Books For Foodies

From chef memoirs to classic cookbooks, there are tons of tasty reads for all types of foodie palettes. Here’s to hoping you’ll devour these amazing books.

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Today is Culinarians Day so we’re cranking up the heat with the best books for foodies. From chef memoirs to classic cookbooks, there are plenty of tasty reads to satisfy all types of palettes. Here’s to hoping you’ll devour these amazing books.



Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated From Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows – Andrew Rea




If you’re the type of cook who learns best through Youtube videos, you might be familiar with Andrew Rea, best known from his Youtube channel Binging with Babish. In his videos, Rea sets himself apart from other internet chefs by creating food from popular television shows and movies.

Now in this fun cookbook, you have the chance to recreate these delicious pop culture delights as well. From the “Traeger Burger” (as seen in Parks and Recreation) to cubanos from the movie Chef, you too can take your favorite dishes from the screen to your dining room table with these entertaining recipes.


Kitchen ConfidentiaL – Anthony Bourdain




Perhaps the greatest cooking memoir ever, Kitchen Confidential explores the gritty realities of America’s kitchens and the colorful chefs that populate them. It’s also the initial book that shot beloved author, chef, and traveler Anthony Bourdain into the limelight.

The book is neither pretty or pristine, but it is full of Bourdain’s trademark dark humour and sharp insights that leave you craving more. This book is more relevant than ever following the release of the new documentary Roadrunner which examines the life and tragic death of Bourdain.


Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook – Joshua Weissman




This is a brand new, best-selling cookbook by another chef turned internet sensation, Joshua Weissman. Don’t let his Tik Tok videos fool you, Weissman was actually a professional chef at a high-end restaurant called Uchiko, before quitting his job to pursue the internet gig full time. The book was released only a few weeks ago, but it has already risen to the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list for cookbooks.

Be warned, this is not a cookbook for beginners. The recipes are complex with a laundry list of ingredients you might not have in your pantry, but the final products are exquisite and well worth the effort. Recipes range from the simple and elegant “perfect BLT” to “Gravlax Smorrebrod” a Danish recipe featuring homemade sourdough bread, horseradish chive cream and smoked salmon.


The Joy Of Cooking – John Becker, Ethan Becker, Irma S. Rombauer




First published in 1931, this classic cookbook has become a kitchen bible for millions of home cooks and chefs. Several revisions have been made over years, with the most recent 9th edition published in 2019. The current book was revised and expanded by the original author, Rombauer’s, great grandson. At 1200 pages long, there are countless timeless recipes to keep you churning out fresh eats from your kitchen. Dishes vary from savory stuffings and casseroles to delectable cookies, bars and other sugary confections.


The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science – Kenji López-Alt




If you love taking a scientific/mathematical approach to cooking, this is the book for you. After crafting recipes through years of experimentation, Lopz dispels common cooking myths while providing new and inventive ways to cook classic dishes. Using science, Lopez has cracked the codes to recipes such as perfectly pan-fried steak and the creamiest potatoes, well ever. But don’t be scared by all the numbers and math, this book is designed to be accessible for homecooks with unique but simple techniques.


So what are you waiting for? Get to cooking and get to book-ing, new recipes and stories await!

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