6 Famous Lefties In Literature

Today is the 30th annual Left-Handers Days so we’re celebrating famous authors who have risen to fame with a pen in the left-hand.

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If you’re a left-handed writer, you know the daily struggle that is writing. From navigating around clunky ringed binders, to worrying about smudging ink all over the page, writing as a lefty is an eternal challenge. But don’t worry you’re not alone! 

There are plenty of famous authors and poets who have risen to fame with a pen in the left-hand. Today is the 30th annual Left-Handers Days and we’re praising the special writers who did it right by going left.

Mark Twain

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Twain is an icon in American literature having written the classic books, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Although numerous sources cite Twain as one of the most prominent lefty authors, the Mark Twain Museum has said otherwise. According to the museum’s website, countless photos show him holding a pen in his right hand. However the website does give a good reason for this discrepancy. In the 1890’s Twain experienced Rheumatoid Arthritis in his right hand, forcing him to write with his left. 

James Baldwin

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A famed author, poet, civil rights activist and occasional playwright, James Baldwin used his pen for a variety of purposes. Through it all, he used his left hand, writing thought-provoking reflections on racism in America with famed classics like Go Tell It On The Mountain and Another Country.

RL Stine

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RL Stine is famous for his children’s horror book series Goosebumps. Still, it might be an even bigger shock to find out he is also left-handed. Back in 2018, He actually tweeted on left-hander’s day begging for the invention of a left-handed pencil, something most lefties can definitely relate to. 

Caroline Kennedy

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Being the daughter of John F. Kennedy is a lot to live up to, but Caroline Kennedy succeeded as both an author, a lawyer and a diplomat. She sets herself further apart from her father as a lefty. Over the years, she has written books such as Poems to Learn By Heart and She Walks in Beauty.

Barack Obama

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Continuing in the vein of politicians turned author, Barack Obama is one of many left-handed presidents, joining the ranks of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush in lefty lore. 8 presidents in total have been left-handed meaning a surprisingly large amount of American laws and bills have been signed into existence by a left-handed leader.

Stan Lee

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Stan Lee has not only created some of your favorite superheros, but he did it all with his left hand. Although he enlisted artists to bring his ideas to life, he played a huge role in the creation of The Fantastic Four, Spider Man, The Avengers and the X-Men among many others. Maybe Lee’s real superpower was writing lefty without smudging the ink.

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