6 Mischievously Hilarious Memes to Celebrate ‘Loki’s Finale

Loki the God of Mischief…and of great memes? To celebrate ‘Loki’s epic final episode, let’s look at six of the best memes of our favorite shapeshifter.

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Hello my book loving variants! While today is just another humpday for the rest of the population, us Marvel fanatics are celebrating (more like mourning actually) the final episode of Disney+’s hit show Loki. How did we manage to survive Wednesdays for this long without Loki’s charm? Before you begin sobbing uncontrollably, let’s look at six amazing memes to celebrate our favorite shapeshifter!



1. It’s the Drip for Me




Hate on Loki all you want, but what you’re not going to do is deny the God of Mischief has some serious drip. Whether it’s a casual day or he’s going all out, if it’s a calm flex he’ll bring the gold horns out.


2. Loki Meets Spiderman?




Some things get better as they age: wine, cheese, your favorite book…and without a doubt the Spiderman meme. Honestly it deserves to be in our future grandchildren’s textbooks. If anyone missed episodes four and five, just show them this. The classic meme with a Loki spin is honestly the crossover we all needed, am I right?


3. Alligator Loki’s Supremacy



Let’s be real folks in a dimension full of Lokis, Alligator Loki reins supreme. Even though his dialogue is limited to groans and hisses (basically the average teen’s vocabulary) if he could talk, Michael Jordan’s iconic deep voice is the perfect voice for him. Essentially boys and girls: if you talk out your neck to Alligator Loki, you will lose an arm. 



4. Pure Heat



Without music festivals like Coachella we have to find great music where ever we can, and Loki’s intro song? Pure heat. I need Kevin Feige and Disney to drop that mixtape immediately.


5. Exsqueeze Me?



A word of advice never drink tea while watching an episode of Loki, you never know what will come out of a Loki variant’s mouth…plus choking on hot tea isn’t how you celebrate hot girl summer. I don’t know what shocked me more Kid Loki’s nonchalant attitude, everyone’s acceptance or what literally came out of his mouth. Either way I’m still shook.


6. Saving the Best for Last




When Sylvie herself posts perhaps one of the most iconic Loki memes ever (plus reminding everyone to stay healthy), who am I not to share? Honestly though if anyone has a tempad on them, feel free to fast forward us to some normalcy. Thanks management.  

Happy Loki Day and happy reading!