7 Fictional Characters Who Are Absolute Jokes

It’s International Clown Week and what better way to spend this amusing holiday than looking at some of the biggest clowns we’ve seen in fictional settings?

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It’s International Clown Week and what better way to spend this amusing holiday than looking at some of the biggest clowns we’ve seen in fictional settings? Here’s a list of 7 characters who might as well hold a degree from none other than Circus University.



Ross Geller from Friends




There’s just nothing to like about him. He constantly whined about everything, his jokes were nowhere near as funny as the rest of the crew, and he made Rachel reject her dream job in Paris for him. Seriously, Ross had no redeeming qualities except for being related to his cool sister Monica.


Bella Swan from the Twilight saga




For about three of the five movies, Bella couldn’t choose between Edward or Jacob. Well, she could, but she just didn’t want to and instead used the werewolf whenever the vampire ignored her. She was also really boring. Think about it, why couldn’t Edward read her mind? Probably because no thoughts, head empty.


Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl 




Yet another male character whose whole existence relies on making himself the victim in any way possible. He places himself into the world of rich NYC kids, then complains about how much drama there is, only for him to later be revealed as Gossip Girl. Also, the amount of bullying he did to his so-called ‘friends’ and his family? Go put on your clown shoes, Dan.



Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls




For the first couple of seasons, Rory was a character everyone loved. But as soon as she went to college, things went downhill. She didn’t feel like she fit in at Yale (probably because her grandfather’s money got her there) and she didn’t think she was the best journalist ever (she wasn’t). This poor girl grew up in a town where everyone thought she was perfect, so when she got hit with reality, it hit hard.


Arturo from Money Heist




Arturo is one of those characters that makes you want to scream at your TV screen. He gets his co-worker pregnant despite being married and then spends the whole first season endangering everyone’s lives as he tries to manipulate an escape. And it only gets worse in the next few seasons. Please, Netflix, don’t let this guy escape a second time!


President Coin from The Hunger Games series




President Snow was a villain done right, but Coin? She portrayed herself as a good leader, someone Katniss could trust, only to go power-hungry and later kill a bunch of innocent citizens, including Prim. At least Snow knew he was a bad guy, but Coin swore everything she was doing was for the country’s sake. Yuck.


Tom Hansen from 500 Days of Summer




Bonk! Tom was clearly the worst for one main reason. He met Summer, grew infatuated with the idea of changing her, then got mad at her for not following his imaginary plan by falling in love with him. Did he really think he was special? And to be fair, Summer told him her motives early on so, it’s his fault for trying to believe otherwise.



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