A Romantic, A Mysterious, And A Heartwarming Thanksgiving – Three to Read

Looking for some Thanksgiving-inspired books to read with a slice of pie? Then you’ll love this week’s Three To Read Thanksgiving Picks. Make sure to grab an extra slice!

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Welcome back to this week’s Three to Read! This week’s books hit on essential reads during this upcoming Thanksgiving hustle and bustle! We’ve found the right books for any mood you find yourself in this holiday week – from Romance to Mystery to Heartwarming. Along with prepping for the abundance of food, these books will help you feel right in the middle of a Hallmark movie. Get ready to accompany your reading by snuggling near a roaring fire and a slice of pie! I hope you enjoy these Thanksgiving-inspired picks!

Hot Pick

How to Bake the Perfect Pecan Pie
by Gina Calanni


Constantly being outshined by her Star Baker sister, Lauren Hause is back home for the holidays and dreading making her grandmother’s famous pecan pie. Struggling to even comprehend the directions, Lauren’s search for pecans leads her to bump into a handsome stranger conveniently holding a bag of pecans! But, Lauren doesn’t have time to think about this seemingly miracle mystery guy, she’s racing against the clock to not destroy Thanksgiving! Lauren’s so-called guardian angel might just end up helping her save the day!


This pick is a classic pick for a Romance Thanksgiving read. Home for the holidays and meeting your knight in shining armor in the grocery aisle! How to Bake the Perfect Pecan Pie is truly a holiday classic to go hand in hand with a slice of pecan pie!

Coffee Shop Read

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
by Louisa May Alcott


Waking up to fresh-baked treats and the hecticness of prepping for the holidays lands the reader right in the middle of the Bassett family kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. Normally, the feast is prepared by their mother but she has decided to shake things up this year, leaving Tilly, Prue, and their siblings in charge of the whole night! Eager to step up to the challenge, they open their cookbooks and start on their holiday mission.


Louisa May Alcott set out to create a classic holiday tale for all ages, incorporating traditional family values. The vibrancy found in this book is unmatched and the heartwarming relationships tug at your heart! A definite read for anyone looking to reminisce on the good old days of the holiday season!

Dark Horse

The Harrowing
by Alexandra Sokoloff


Baird College is out for Thanksgiving break with all the students already packed up and heading home. But what happens when the hundred-year-old residence hall, Mendenhall, finds itself still occupying 5 other lonely students hoarding themselves away?

A violent storm rains down on the campus leaving the students to slowly leave their rooms and find each other in the hall. Lisa, a manipulative flirt; Patrick, a stereotypical jock; Martin, an academic overachiever; and finally Cain, a mystifying musician. Each with their own mysterious reasons for not going home this holiday break.


Thriller meets Teen movie, this pick is perfect for those still needing a bit of Halloween in their Thanksgiving read. Not only that, but the journey of discovering each person’s locked away reasons for staying away from home will have you flying through this book. A true mystery read to keep you in the holiday spirit!

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