An Avalanche, War Love Story, and Alaskan Fairy Tale – Three to Read

Looking for some classic wintery books to cozy up by the fire? Then you’ll love this week’s Three To Read Classic Winter Picks. Make sure to grab some blankets!

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Welcome back to this week’s Three to Read! As we close out the fall festivities and begin layering up for the cold winter ahead of us, we’ve just got to find books that will help you on that journey! Books that will make the frigid winter feel a little cozier and snug. This week’s Three to Read is all about putting yourself right in the middle of picturesque, frosty weather while snuggling into your blankets! I hope these picks warm you from the inside out!

Hot Pick

One By One
by Ruth Ware


Who doesn’t want to go on a paid vacation to a ski chalet? Well, what about a work retreat with the main goal of bonding on the slopes with your coworkers and enjoying the breathtaking vista? And what if those coworkers all had hidden motives while attending?

A weeklong trip in the French Alps along with your tech start-up coworkers was arranged by the cofounder of the company, Snoop. Boring to start with presentations and meetings on how to take Snoop to the next level.; and in between, going out to connect on the slopes. However, stress grows when a shareholder shocks the whole team by pressing a profitable but controversial buyout offer. Tensions quickly boil over and allegiances are questioned. As pressure builds up inside, a blizzard roars outside. A brutal avalanche closes the chalet off from any contact with the outside world and to make matters worse, one fellow Snooper hasn’t returned from the slopes.

With no signs of assistance, anxieties bubbling up, temperatures dropping, and one at a time, the group slowly begins disappearing.


This chilling read is a perfect fit for any thrill-seekers still looking to get into the winter state of mind. It has been acknowledged as being an Instant New York Times Bestseller. Definitely, a page-turner to fully immerse yourself in right next to a roaring fireplace!

Coffee Shop Read

Winter Garden
by Kristin Hannah


Completely enthralling, this chronicle of a woman’s “sweeping, heartbreaking story of love, loss, and redemption” is entirely laid out for the reader. In World War II Russia, a grand love story unfolds and explores a modern mother raising her daughters amid harrowing decisions, the heartbreak of war, the fight for life, and the search for the human essence.


For many, this novel has been said to linger with the reader even after turning the last page. This is a fascinating story of strong women who give their all to protect their families and identities. Truly an inspiring novel that will leave you wanting more.

Dark Horse

The Snow Child
by Eowyn Ivey


One of the toughest places to make a home out of – Alaska in the 1920s. And for newcomers Jack and Mabel who are already crumbling under the stress of working the farm and remaining childless, it will certainly be an ordeal. In what seems a moment of bonding, the couple builds a child out of snow. Allowing this small intimate moment to bring them peace, they leave their snow child out for the night. But, the next morning the snow child vanished from its resting place. Out of the corner of their eyes, a young, blonde-haired girl runs through the trees.

When they go out to investigate, they learn the little girl is a child of the woods who goes by Faina. Along with a red fox by her side helping her hunt, she in some way survives in the harsh climate. Jack and Mabel take Faina in as their very own daughter and feel as though they have been transported to a daydream. As time goes on they learn more about Faina and divulging only reveals more questions than answers.


Praised as being a haunting fairy-tale, this stunning book delves straight into the Alaskan wilderness and all its mysteries. This different grasp of magical realism allows the reader to fully submerge into a frigid but beautiful environment. The constant revelations causing ambiguity to bubble at the surface make this Alaskan wasteland a wonderland. A definite read while watching the first snowfall.

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