Jason Grace: 5 Reasons Why He’s Awesome

It’s Jason’s birthday! Like most demigods, he’s been through a lot. In memory of his special day, here are a few awesome things about this son of the Big Three.

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It’s Jason’s birthday today! Like most demigods, this poor guy has been through a lot. In memory of his special day (and sadly, he’s more in our memories than he is on the page, of course), here are a few awesome things about this son of the Big Three.

He can actually fly 

Jason’s demigod powers are truly amazing, and the only other demigod who’s strong enough to go against him is Percy Jackson, of course. Since his dad is Zeus/Jupiter, the god of thunder, Jason definitely has some sky-high abilities up his sleeve, such as the ability to ride on air currents.

In addition to his ability to fly, he can also control other forces of weather, such as storms and electricity from lightning storms.


Despite being Roman, his name is Greek, meaning “healer,” and he’s also shown some healing skills when needed. That’s almost too many talents for one guy alone!

He loves brownies

Honestly, who doesn’t?

During his time in New Rome, one of Jason’s favorite things to do was to pick up a treat, like brownies from local bakeries. I would probably do the same thing!

He’s prone to losing his glasses

Demigods can be extremely relatable sometimes.

Just like me, Jason is not exactly used to wearing his glasses. He received them later in life, so he’s constantly misplacing them when he most needs them throughout some of the books.


He’s fought (and demolished) six giants 

You read that correctly! Jason has beaten six giants throughout his time in the Heroes of Olympus series. He didn’t do it alone, of course, but all of it is still impressive.

The giants in question were Enceladus, Otis and Ephialtes, Clytius, Polybotes, and Porphyrion. Giants seem to be one of the most common villains in the Percy Jackson universe, so there were really plenty of opportunities to go around.

His birthday is unique

July 1st is the first day in the month named after Julius Caesar, and is also the date that is considered the goddess Hera/Juno’s sacred day.

Additionally, if you take every first letter of the months from July to November, it spells “Jason” (July, August, September, October, November), so that’s pretty cool.

Featured Image via Disney Hyperion / Nilah Magruder