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Welcome back to another three to read! Pick any of these three book and you are bound to go on at least one adventure this summer!

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Welcome back to another Three to Read! We have an exciting line-up for you this time, including a fantastical mystery, a deranged thriller, and an adventurous coming-of-age memoir. Whether you choose our Dark Horse, Hot Pick, or Beach Read, you are bound to be in on an adventure!




Dark Horse

Dream Girl

By Laura Lippman





Novelist Gerry Anderson is bed-bound in his apartment after an accident that leaves him dependent on two women he barely knows: his assistant and a night nurse. Gerry moved to Baltimore to care for his mother who had Dementia, but when her death came so quickly, he didn’t go back to New York. Now he is questioning his own mental well-being as he sees constant dream-like memories and random appearances of his ex-girlfriend by his bedside. Yet what really has Gerry freaked out are the phone calls from the woman who claims to be the character in his most successful book Dream Girl, but Gerry swears the character was never one girl. She was completely fictional. No one believes Gerry when he talks about the phone calls and mysteriously, there is no record of the calls on his call log. But Gerry realizes his nightmare is only just beginning when he wakes up to find a dead body laying next to him.


As the twenty-fifth book for Edgar Award-winning author Laura Lippman, Dream Girl touches on issues of power, agency, creation, and appropriation. There are strong #MeToo movement vibes in this novel, which was inspired by Stephen King’s Misery. You also get some amusing insights into a writer’s mind within this psychological thriller!




Hot Pick

Oddmire, Book 3: Deepest, Darkest

By William Ritter




The adventures of Cole and Tinn continue in the third installment of William Ritter’s best-selling Oddmire series. In this book, the brothers set out on a quest to solve the mystery surrounding their missing father, Joseph Burton. Cole and Tinn’s mother was left to raise her two sons by herself after the boys’ father unexpectedly disappeared. Tired of hearing the various rumors people whisper about his family, Cole resolves to finally learn the truth.

Accompanied by their friend Evie, the knowledgeable and reliable half-human, half-fairy, Cole and Tinn venture into the deepest, darkest, and deadliest parts of the Wild Wood. Danger awaits the three heroes as unpredictable, severe weather events spread throughout the forest and the various creatures who dwell in the Wild Wood speak of the emergence of an evil force.


Written by the author of the New York Times Bestselling  Jackaby series, William Ritter writes what The Booklist claims to be an emerging classic. Fans of stories centered around brothers and brotherly bonds, like Supernatural, will also appreciate Cole and Tinn’s relationship in Oddmire. Ritter incorporates themes of friendship, love, and prejudice, creating a story that readers of any age can learn from. This humorous, captivating, and heartfelt novel will resonate with lovers of fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland stories, and classic folklore!


Beach Read

Nowhere Girl

By Cheryl Diamond





On the run from day one, Cheryl Diamond grew up without any real documentation of her existence. Born to outlaw parents, Diamond and her siblings fled from country to country, adopting fake names and backstories they were taught to upkeep. In this adventurous coming-of-age memoir, Cheryl Diamond explores the notion of identity, highlighting the ways that age and knowledge empower those living at the mercy of unpredictability and violence. Throughout Nowhere Girl, Diamond asks what it really means to unlearn everything you thought you knew about family, love, and self-discovery.


In this memoir Cheryl Diamond emphasizes the importance of unlearning what was installed in us at a young age while also discussing her experience with domestic abuse. Throughout the memoir, she highlights the bravery required to stand up against your family and stand alone.





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