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Hey book lovers! Check out this week’s Three to Read for new books to help you relax and grow as a person while taking a break from all the chaos.

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Hey, hey book lovers. We know how stressed out you all are with hurricanes, fires, the pandemic, and school starting again. So this week we wanted to remind you to take care of yourself and take some time to enjoy a good book. This week’s Three to Read is all about personal growth and feeling good, so get those TBRs ready because you’re going to want to add these for your next self-care day.

Hot Pick

Piglet: The Unexpected Stoy of a Deaf, Blind, Pink Puppy and His Family

By Melissa Shapiro


When veterinarian Melissa Shapiro gets a call about a deaf-blind puppy who was just rescued from a hoarding situation in need of fostering, her only answer is “yes.” As tiny little Piglet enters Melissa’s home, she instantly recognizes him as one of the most anxious dogs she has ever met.

In a household of six other rescue dogs, Melissa’s husband, and their three college-aged children, Piglet gained confidence and earned his extraordinary spirit after weeks of reassurance and love.

Piglet and Melissa bonded on a whole new level that many wouldn’t understand as they communicated without sound or visual cues. Although, two months later as a six-pound pink boy dog, it was time for Melissa to make a hard decision. Either give Piglet up to someone who can give him the full-time attention he requires or adapt her schedule and household to make a permanent place for Piglet. The answer? Love will find a way.


This beautiful love story between a veterinarian and the blind, deaf, pink puppy is perfect for any animal lover. As Melissa’s family begins fostering Piglet he gains confidence and weight in this story about resilience, hope, persistence, and extraordinary spirit. This book is determined to brighten even your hardest days. You are bound to fall in love with this Instagram famous puppy just like the rest of the world.

Beach Read

Hope is a Verb

By Emily Ehlers


In this creative guidebook, Emily Ehlers helps us work to live in sync with our values, examine our relationships with our community and the planet, and inspires us to act. As the creator of the popular Instagram account @ecowithem_, Ehlers offers a six-step process to change our perspective as a path to overcome challenges.

Step One: Stop Freaking Out

Step Two: Change the Story

Step Three: Set Your Inner Compass

Step Four: Own Your Power

Step Five: Just Start

Step Six: Find Your People

These steps reframe the global mood as an invitation to realize change. This book points you in the direction of a world of opportunity and stability that is achievable.  


Readers may recognize Emily Ehlers from her cult-favorite Instagram page @ecowithem_. Now she is using her experience as an environmental activist to help us change our perspective as a path to overcome challenges. This detailed book on resilience, trauma, accepting your pain and healing, is full of colorful illustrations and journaling pages to help you learn more about yourself and your values.

Dark Horse

When the Stars Go Dark

By Paula McLain


After tragedy strikes in her personal life, missing person detective Anna Hart flees from San Francisco to the North Carolina village she lived in with her foster parents. Except a teenage girl has gone missing, and it’s strangely reminiscent of an unsolved murder of a young girl who was killed when Anna was a child. Anna knows she has been led to this moment, and will now use lessons that have shown her how victims meet up with these violent predators.

As she obsesses over the case, Anna will learn how true courage is getting out of her own way and letting others in. You will struggle to put down this mystery about fate, redemption, and reclaiming our lives and our faith in each other.


From the bestselling of The Paris Wife, this mystery about learning to get out of your way and let others in will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. As one of Good Morning America’s Buzz Picks, Paula McLain delivers a message of hope through a book full of darkness. A story about obsessions and throwing yourself into work and how that will not help us heal from our traumas.

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