LGBTQ+ Fantasy Books Releasing in Fall & Winter 2021

The fall and winter months are an exciting time for new releases. Check out these LGBTQ+ fantasy titles hitting shelves over the remainder of 2021!

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Hello bookworms! August is nearly over, which means fall and winter are slowly, but surely, upon us. If you’ve been checking off books from your summer TBR and need some recommendations for the rest of the year, look no further!

Below I have a handful of LGBTQ+ fantasy recommendations for you! All of these novels will be released between September and December of this year. You can pre-order each work by clicking on its title. Enjoy and happy reading!


Master of Restless Shadows (Book Two)- Ginn Hale (9/1)

Fedeles Quemanor would gladly give up magic (and anything related to it) to the more ambitious. He prefers the simpler things in life: horseback riding, spending time with friends and family, and dancing with Ariz Plunado.

Fedeles’s world is turned upside down when he learns that Hierro Fueres, the Duke of Gavado, is creating an army of assassins to claim the crown. Even more disturbing is the ancient spells that help protect the nations from curses are being undone.

Simmering within Fedeles’s shadow is a “murderous power” that may be the only chance of securing the nation of Cadeleon. Will Fedeles decide to face the darkness that once possessed him?

Meanwhile, Fedeles’s agents Atreau and Narsi discover the threat has expanded beyond the borders of their nation. Unless they can find a way to stop him, “Count Radulf, the ferocious Scarlet Wolf of Labara, will destroy it and all of Cadeleon along with it.”


A Clash of Steel– C.B. Lee (9/7)

It’s 1826, the golden age of piracy is coming to an end. The legendary Dragon Fleet used to be the terror of the South China Sea, but no longer exists. Its leader, known only as the Head of the Dragon, is now just a story, like the ones Xiang listened to all her life. She aspires to prove her worth to everyone, especially her “shrewd” business woman of a mother, who has essentially no spare time to spend with Xiang. Her father is only a story too; he died at sea before Xiang was born. A golden pendant is the only token Xiang has of her father, which she always wears.

The truth behind the pendant is revealed after a girl named Anh steals it. She promises to return it to Xiang if Xiang will help her decode the small map hidden inside. Xiang learns her father sailed with the Dragon Fleet, but kept this information a secret. Xiang’s world is now tilted on its axis. A rumor exists that the Head of the Dragon possessed one final treasure, “the plunder of a thousand ports―that for decades has only been a myth, a fool’s journey.”
Xiang now believes the map hidden inside the pendant can lead to the Head of the Dragon’s treasure. Enticed by the idea of a thrilling adventure, she embarks on a voyage with Anh and her crew to the island. However, Xiang and Anh will soon learn that both the sea and the ones who sail it “are far more dangerous than the legends led them to believe.”


The Hollow Heart (Forgotten Gods #2)- Marie Rutkoski (9/14)

The Midnight Lie ended with Nirrim giving her heart to the gods of thieves so her people could regain their forgotten memories of their city’s history. The Half Kith are realizing that “many among them are powerful.” Sid, the person who Nirrim once loved the most, returned to her home country Herran. She must now learn the politics of a “rogue princess who has finally agreed to do her duty.”

At the Herrani court, rumors are spreading that a new threat has appeared across the sea. Magic is now permeating throughout the land. A malicious queen holds the power to implant false memories into one’s mind, making them believe their dearest friends are actually their enemies.

Sid is unaware that Nirrim is actually this new queen, who desires revenge against the people and society that wronged her. Will Sid save Nirrim from herself…or does Nirrim want to be saved? As war begins and blood spills, Sid and Nirrim will learn their own wants are irrelevant…”for the gods have their own plans.”


Under the Whispering Door– TJ Klune (9/21)

Wallace suspects he’s dead when a reaper comes to collect him at his own funeral. Then, when the owner of an odd tea shop, Hugo, insists he’ll help Wallace cross over, Wallace knows for certain he is dead.

Wallace isn’t ready to leave behind the life he’s ”barely lived.” After being given one week to cross over to the other side, Wallace decides to live a lifetime in those seven days.


Traitors of the Black Crown– Cate Pearce (9/22)

“Three women will betray the black crown. A Knight. A Duchess. A Queen.”

The Queen’s guard killed Raena Schinen’s entire family, but she managed to escape. If Raena is found, she’ll surely be killed. Over the past fifteen years, Raena has disguised herself as the knight Ser Rowan. After all this time, she is “consumed” with a desire to assassinate the Queen.

Right before Raena can seek her revenge, she’s exiled to a faraway land. She finds herself under the service of Duchess Aven Colby, whose “suspicious kinship” with the Queen stands as a serious threat to Raena (and her secrets).

Just as they’re developing a common goal to thwart a dangerous invasion, passion and romance blooms between Aven and “Sir Rowan.” They must take a journey to form political alliances, which angers the Queen and causes Aven and Rowan to become even closer.

Nobody in the kingdom could’ve predicted the “sinister foe” in their wake. The queen, Aven, and Raena must discover the identity of the oppressors and those who would “unite against the Black Crown.”


Dark Rise– C.S. Pacat (9/28)

Will is sixteen and works as a dockboy. He’s being chased by the men who murdered his mother. He suddenly finds himself immersed in a world of magic after an old servant informs Will of his destiny to fight alongside the Stewards, a group “sworn to protect humanity if the Dark King ever returns.” Will begins his training for the inevitable battle against the Dark.

London is under threat and old hostilities are awakening. Will must join with others of the Light to stop the fate that not only destroyed their world from ever returning, but that also threatens to destroy his own.


The Goddess of Nothing at All– Cat Rector (10/1)

“Perhaps you know the myths. Furious, benevolent Gods. A tree that binds nine realms. A hammer stronger than any weapon. And someday, the end of everything.

But few have heard of me.

Looking back, it’s easy to know what choices I might have made differently. At least it feels that way. I might have given up on my title. Told my father he was useless, king of Gods or no, and left Asgard. Made a life somewhere else.

Maybe I would never have let Loki cross my path. Never have fallen in love.

But there’s no going back. We were happy once.

And the price for that happiness was the end of everything.”


Payback’s a Witch– Lana Harper (10/5)

Emmy Harrow is a witch, but she isn’t very powerful. For one, she hasn’t been to the magical town Thistle Grove in a long time. Emmy established her “self-imposed exile” partly due to a complicated family history and the desire to “forge her own way in the world.” The exile also has a little bit to do with the “casual breaker of hearts and destroyer of dreams,” Gareth Blackmoore, the heir to the most powerful family in Thistle Grove.

Emmy’s family sit as arbitrators for a spellcasting tournament, and Emmy finds herself drawn back to Thistle Grove because of tradition and a “truly impressive parental guilt trip.” Emmy plans on completing her familial responsibilities, spending time with her closest friend Linden Thorn, and then returning back to Chicago.

During Emmy’s first night home, she crosses paths with Talia Avramov, a total badass with a talent for dark magic and recently broken up with Gareth Blackmoore. Talia let herself succumb to Gareth’s charms, only to discover that he was also enchanting Linden at the same time. Neither girl knew about the other.

Talia and Linden want revenge. They want to know if Emmy does too. However, Emmy can’t stop herself from wondering “why can’t she stop thinking about the terrifyingly competent, devastatingly gorgeous, wickedly charming Talia Avramov?”


The City Beautiful– Aden Polydoros (10/5)

The year: 1893. The city: Chicago.

Alter Rosen believes he’s in the land of opportunity. He dreams and longs for the day he can afford to bring his mother and sisters to America, so they can escape the oppression they face in Romania.

Alter’s dreams feel as if they’re impossible after his best friend Yakov “becomes the latest victim in a long line of murdered Jewish boys.” While everyone else flocks to the World’s Fair, Alter finds himself in a nightmare. Yakov’s dybbuk is possessing him, and Alter is now suffocating in a world of corruption and deceit. He’s “thrown back into the arms of a dangerous boy from his past.” The boy meant more to Alter than anyone knows.

The boys only have a few days before the dybbuk will overtake Alter’s entire body. They must find the killer before the killer finds them.


Jade, Fire, Gold– CL Tan

“In an empire on the brink of war . . .

Ahn is no one, with no past and no family. Altan is a lost heir, his future stolen away as a child.

When they meet, Altan sees in Ahn a path to reclaiming the throne. Ahn sees a way to finally unlock her past and understand her lethal magical abilities.

But they may have to pay a far deadlier price than either could have imagined.”


A Marvellous Light– Freya Marske (11/2)

Robin Blythe is dealing with plenty of problems in his life. He’s trying to be a “good older brother, a responsible employer, he harried baronet of a seat gutted by his late parents’ excesses.” After an administrative mistake names him the civil service liaison to a secret magical society, Robin learns what’s been operating underneath the world he’s always known.

Robin soon finds himself grappling with a new set of challenges: the beautiful and dangerous sides of magic, an extremely deadly curse, and disturbing visions of the future. Above all, he must work with the “cold and prickly” Edwin Coucey, Robin’s counterpart in this magical government who obviously doesn’t welcome Robin there at all.

Robin’s predecessor has vanished. The mystery surrounding what befell the man uncovers some unpleasant information about the oldest stories regarding the land they dwell upon and “what binds it.”
Robin and Edwin soon join together and encounter unprecedented dangers. They unearth a plot that poses a threat to all the magicians in the British Isles…“and a secret that more than one person has already died to keep.”


Girls of Fate and Fury– Natasha Ngan (11/23)

At the end of Girls of Storm and Shadow, Lei and Wren’s fates were definitely uncertain. However, one thing was known; “the Hidden Palace was the last place that Lei would ever consider home.” She would remain forever plagued by the “trauma and tragedy” she suffered there. She could not stay trapped there any longer, especially not with the “sadistic king” and even more so without Wren.

The last time Lei saw the girl she loved, Wren was fighting in battle against an army. Both girls are torn apart from each other and stuck in dangerous situations. “Will they find each other again or have their destinies diverged forever?”


The Midnight Girls– Alicia Jaskinsa (12/7)

In a kingdom buried in snow, two rivals battle for “the pure heart of a prince,” but might soon discover they are actually falling for each other.

Karnawał season is characterized by mischief and revelry. The upcoming weeks will be full of wintry balls, shining disguises, and sleigh rides illuminated by torch light.

Unknownst to all, two uninvited guests will also be joining the party. Zosia and Marynka feel a chemical pull towards each other at first glance, until they learn they’re actually rivals. Both are determined to capture the prince’s heart. Whoever consumes the pure heart receives “immeasurable power.” Marynka hopes to prove herself by bringing the prince’s heart to her patron. Zosia is determined to use the power for herself.

Zosia and Marynka’s ambition turns into an intense competition. Each girl tries to prevent the other from obtaining the heart. However, their attraction to each other continues to deepen. Before long, the city starts to become aware of the girls’ rivalry, which now might not only cost them their love for each other, but also their lives.


The Excalibur Curse (Camelot Rising Trilogy, Book 3)- Kiersten White (12/7)

Guinevere is captured by her enemies during her journey north to confront the Dark Queen. Lancelot and Arthur remain behind; Lancelot is trapped on the opposite side of the magical barrier the two build to protect Camelot, while Arthur “has been led away from his kingdom, chasing after false promises.” However, Guinevere’s greatest danger is not what lies ahead of her, but “what is buried beneath her.”

Guinevere decides to uncover the truth of her help, without Merlin’s assistance. She joins forces with Morgana, a sorceress, and her son Mordred, whom she still has conflicting, forbidden feelings for. After Guinevere makes a shocking discovery about her past and who she really is, she now struggles with an impossible decision. She must either “fix a terrible crime, or help prevent war.”

Guinevere is adamant to amend things, no matter what it may cost: defeating evil, rebuilding a kingdom, to undo mistakes of the past. She will do all of this, “even if it means destroying herself.”

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