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Welcome back to Three to Read! We have some amazing books for you this week. A new one from David Levithan and Jennifer Niven, a gritty mystery, and an LGBTQ+ romance set on a reality dating show.

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Hey, hey book lovers! Welcome back to another Three to Read. I have some wonderful novels to add to your TBR this week. Whether you prefer a gritty rural mystery, an LGBTQIA+ romance set on a reality dating show, or a soul-touching novel about hope, family, and finding a home, get that list ready because I think you’re going to love these.

Hot Pick

Take Me with You When You Go

By David Levithan and Jennifer Niven


Bea Ahren knows she has to get as far away from home as possible. But one message in her inbox now has her alone in a new city without her brother and a plan as she chases someone who may not want to be found.

Ezra Ahren wakes up to find his sister gone, no note except for an email address hidden for only him to find. Now left with their abusive father and neglectful mother, Ezra has no idea how to survive without Bea.

As Ezra endures abuse at home, Bea confronts secrets that will change the way they think about their family. The two must learn to trust themselves before they can find their way back to each other.


Levithan and Niven are known to break our hearts and then sew them back together again, this story is no different. In this soul-touching and emotional novel, two best-selling authors work together to bring us a story of hope, family, and finding a home. If you love books like Every Day, All the Bright Places, and Holding Up the Universe, then you will love this novel of grief, healing, and hope.

Beach Read

The Charm Offensive

By Alison Cochrun


Dev has always believed in fairy tales, he’s built his whole life around them as the most successful producer in reality dating show Ever After’s history. Crafting love stories for each contestant even when his own love story is a complete disaster.

Now the show has cast the disgraced tech genius, Charlie Winshaw, to be their next prince and he is far from being the prince charming viewers of the show expect. Only agreeing to be on the show to re-establish his image in the tech world, Charlie doesn’t believe he could ever fall in love, especially on a show like Ever After. As an anxious mess with no idea how to date twenty women on television, Charlie is stiff on camera—along with being cold, emotionless, and awkward off-set.

As his handler, Dev must try to get Charlie to loosen up with contestants while they film a worldwide tour. But as the two begin to open up to each other, Charlie realizes he has more chemistry with Dev than anyone he’s ever met. But as the star of the season, Charlie can’t just choose Dev to be his prince if Charlie wants to re-establish his tech career and not jeopardize Dev’s career in production.


For fans of Red, White and Royal Blue and fans of the Bachelor, you are going to love this charming and witty romantic comedy that will have you laughing with the characters until the end. Charlie is a loveable but awkward tech genius starring on a reality dating show, only to go off script to discover himself after sparks begin to fly with his producer. With a full cast of LGBTQIA+ characters and an accurate representation of OCD, anxiety, and extreme depression, you will be filled with love and support for these wonderful characters.

Dark Horse

Bad Moon Rising

By John Galligan


Sheriff Heidi Kick has a dead body of a homeless man on her hands in the middle of a record heatwave. The medical examiner confirms the victim was buried alive, just like Heidi’s recent nightmares. As the heat persists, more dead bodies are found. To add on to all the stress? Heidi is up for a reelection campaign where her critics continuously demean her as “Sheriff Mommy.” Now her family troubles are public, and rumors are threatening to sway votes and derail her investigation.

Luckily, Leroy Fanta steps in with what may be a lead on the case. As editor-in-chief of the local newspaper, Leroy believes the murderer may be connected to a man who has been writing deranged letters to the Opinions section for years. As a Vietnam veteran with a failing heart and liver, Leroy uses his old journalistic instincts as one last effort to help Heidi with her investigation, or at least find a good story.


As the third book in the Bad Axe County series, Sheriff Heidi Kick has been referred to as the female version of Walt Longmire from Craig Johnson’s Longmire series. In this race-to-the-finish novel, tension sweats off the page. For readers who enjoy gritty rural crime, this story includes timely issues like climate change, homelessness, and wealth corrosive.

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