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Welcome to another week of Three to Read, Booklovers! This week we have some sizzling romances, generational secrets, magical illnesses, and strong friendships. Come check out what you should be adding to you TBR.

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Welcome back book lovers to another Three to Read! We have another great selection for you this week, and the theme seems to be friendship. Whether you are looking for the next Hot Pick, Beach Read, or Dark Horse, we have great picks to add to your TBR this week.

Hot Pick


By Elayne Audrey Becker

Rora is as magical and as feared as anyone who was born in the forest. As a shifter she now spies for the king, listening for any signs of trouble. As a magical illness spreads across the kingdom and the prince, Rora’s best friend, is affected, Rora is forced to face the one thing she swore she never would.

Stardust is the rarest of the magical elements, and can only be found deep in the wilderness where Rora grew up. Now in order to save her only friend, Rora face her past with her brother and the older prince who insists on coming with them. With war on the horizon and an illness taking over the kingdom, the three must survive the forest, its unknown creature, and the ever-changing landscape, all while escaping human pursuers who want them dead in order to save the prince.


Becker creates a world that will suck you and leave you begging to never leave. In this story of love and strong friendships, you will fall in love with how human all these characters are on this unforgettable adventure. The lush prose, amazing world-building, and enchanting characters will keep you wanting more.

Beach Read

Anne of Manhattan

By Brina Starler


Anne is leaving her idyllic girlhood home and foster parents in Long Island, to take on the world and find her voice as a writer with her best friend Diana in Manhattan. The world is open to Anne and she’s excited to start grad school at Richmond College until her arch-nemesis, Gilbert Blythe shows up in their final year.

Anne hasn’t seen Gil since he kissed her at the beach bonfire and she ghosted him five years ago. She is surprised to find that he has been in California, and now he is flashing his adorable dimples at her like he doesn’t care.

Paired with the same professor for their thesis, Anne and Gil must come to peace with one another that then turns into something deeper and much sexier than intended. Except when Gil betrays Anne to get ahead, Anne knows she had been right all along. Now Gil must prove they’re meant to be, while Anne comes to terms with her fears. That is if she ever wants to be with the man she has always secretly loved.


You are going to love this modern adaptation of L. M. Montgomery’s classic tale, Anne of Green Gables, set in the big city. This romantic, charming, and hilarious adaptation is perfect for readers who love the enemies-to-lovers trope. With a beautiful mix of witty banter, sweetness, and nostalgia, it is impossible to not lose yourself in this light, fun, and cute summer read.

Dark Horse

Where Secrets Lie

By Eva V. Gibson


Amy has spent every summer in Kentucky with her cousin Ben and their best friend Teddy to escape her rigorous ambitions and overbearing mother in the countryside. But as they get older, Amy and Teddy can’t avoid the simmering feelings and sexual tensions they feel for one another. Only creating more tension between the three best friends and ending the summer with a dramatic face-off.

One year later, Amy is apprehensive about showing up again. Unsure what consequences she may encounter. But when Teddy’s sister disappears, the three friends put aside their differences to find her. They must discover the dark history of the small town and the truths that tie their families to tragedy while coping with their own toxic upbringings and beliefs in order to save Teddy’s sister.


Fans of Karen M. McManus’s The Cousins will fall head over heels for this young adult thriller about generational secrets. Mystery, angst, romance, and drama are what make this electric thriller the dark, enthralling, and seductive read perfect for our end-of-summer dark horse novel.

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