3 Good Ways to Celebrate National Creativity Day

Three ways to support and encourage creativity on National Creativity Day.

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Today, May 30th, is National Creativity Day which celebrates the brilliant minds that have created everything we know and love from sliced bread to our iPhones and more. Human creativity and imagination are the basis for everything we use on a daily basis. That light on your desk wouldn’t work had its inventor not been creative enough to imagine and create a lightbulb. This is what creativity is. The ability to take common items, and turn them into beautiful, functional, and useful items.



Not only does creativity include creatives like artists, writers, and filmmakers, but it includes chefs, landscapers, architects, engineers, and even mathematicians (YES EVEN THEM!). Anyone who needs to use some form of creativity is a creative individual.

So what are some ways to celebrate such ingenuity you may ask? Here are three ways to celebrate the day in style:

  • Create your own art! Humans are all creative in some way, shape, or form so one of the best ways to celebrate National Creativity Day is to embrace your own creativity. Do something you love to do that gets your creative juices flowing. Create a sculpture made out of recyclables, macaroni necklaces, or do a mathematical equation.


  • Support creators on Etsy! Etsy is an amazing place for people who enjoy doing their creative thing. There are a lot of shops you can support that sell their handmade items, some are Diamond Chocolates that creates lovely custom chocolates, Crystal Candle Shoppe that creates eco-friendly, vegan, scented soy wax candles, and Art By Saki which is a black-owned print shop that has amazing prints.




  • Support the people in your life that are creative! There are people in your life that love doing some form of craft and supporting them is so, so important. Give them this support by encouraging, praising, and buying from them (without expecting a discount!). And even if you can’t personally support them with purchases, even just sharing and commenting on their content to boost their views is a way to show your support for them and their craft.

Happy National Creativity Day and may your creative juices flow freely!

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