5 Worst Literary Families To Quarantine With

Imagine what it would be like to be quarantined with some of the worst literary families out there. 

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Family can be a lot sometimes. Especially when you’re stuck indoors with them 24/7. Books can be a great escape during times like these. But, imagine what it would be like to be quarantined with some of the worst literary families out there.


1. The Dursleys


image via harrypotterfandom.com


As if being confined to a house wasn’t difficult enough, Harry would likely have been confined to his closet on top of that! The Dursleys would give an all-new meaning to sitting around and eating all day, because well, what else is there to do in quarantine?


2. A ‘Games of Thrones’ Family


image via usefulcharts.com


Really any combination of this long and inter-married family tree would be a mess. From power struggles over who gets to use the toilet paper, to the walls of the house being way, way too thin, it would be a crazy time.



3. The Bennets


image via bustle.com


How can you be expected to find a husband when you can’t go to a ball? After, about a week, the Bennet girls and their poor father would run out of things to discuss and drive each other crazy. The unsolvable pressure from their parents to get married, probably wouldn’t help the situation either.


4. Cinderella and  Her Step-Family


image via clipart library

As if the sweet princess-to-be didn’t have enough to clean up already, once quarantine hit the stepsisters would be constantly making a mess around the house. Not to mention the fact that Cinderella would never get a minute alone to herself. She likely took solace in the times when the family was out of the house, but that wouldn’t be an option anymore.



5. all Shakespearean families, ever


image via wikicommons


That man knows exactly what he did. He wrote some of the most dysfunctional families ever into existence. Romeo and Juliet would have to sit and listen to their families go on about the other. King Lear going mad from quarantine, and from just being crazy. At least Hamlet would have killed Claudius sooner.

feature image via bustle.com