A Parthenon Replica Decorated With Banned Books

Take a look at this beautiful art display!

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Jessica Stewart, curator, artist, and writer for My Modern Met, released an article discussing a vast replica of the Parthenon that displayed copies of books that have, at some point, been banned in various countries. Looking at the images provided, readers can see a copy of Don Quixote and The Catcher in the RyeRecent novels like Twilight and The Da Vinci Code have also found a place in this Parthenon.

As described by Stewart in her article, conceptual artist Marta Minujín worked alongside several university students to identify books that had, at some point in their publication history, been banned in various countries. From there, they requested that the public donate these books to then be displayed in the Parthenon–which was set upon a site in Kassel, Germany where Nazi book burnings took place.

During the time in which it was on display, the Parthenon was a work in progress, as there will always be more books that are written and then banned.

This is the second time that Minujín has set up a Parthenon displaying banned books.

To read more about Marta Minujín’s work, check out this link!

Cover image via Dezeen