Awesome DIY Book Stands For Book Lovers With Tired Hands

To keep your arms from getting sore of holding your book in the only comfortable position on your bed, book lovers, check out these DIY book stands!

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We’ve all been there—deeply entrenched in an enthralling book, just eating up the epic story, and turning to the next page as fast as you finish the previous one, when that inevitable ache in your hands and shoulders breaks you out of your book reverie. And then suddenly you’re back in the real world, and you’re stiff and sore and sick of it. Well, fellow book lovers, this list has the solution for you. To keep those arms from getting sore from holding your book in the only comfortable position on your bed, check out these DIY book stands. You can make them yourself, and they’ll save your arms. What more could you ask for?


Image Via Buzzfeed

1. DIY Hanger Book Stand by Buzzfeed


Let’s start with something simple, easy, and made with materials and tools you probably already have in your house! First, get yourself a simple wire hanger. That’s right, what once held your clothes will now hold the love of your life—book, sorry, meant to write book. Then you need to use some pliers to fold the edges of the wire hanger so it’ll hold your book. Instructions are in the link above.


2. DIY Book Stand Made of Cardboard by Wesens-Art

Image Via Wesens-Art

For a book stand that takes just a little more work but gives you a little more creativity, this cardboard book stand will absolutely deliver. All you need is some cardboard, scissors, glue stick, and any gift wrapping paper of your choice—and that’s where the creativity comes in. If you want some book-themed gift wrapping paper (and let’s be honest, you do), then by all means, wrap away! With some simple scissors work and gluing, you’ll have made this crafty cardboard book stand. Your sore arms will thank you.



3. DIY Geometric Book Stand by The Golden Dreamcatcher

Image Via My Crafts


Here’s a pretty, eye-catching, useful book stand for you to make and love. This is a pretty easy task, and it’ll be worth it. You’ll need a hot glue gun, scissors, a ruler, 30 cm long bamboo sticks, and spray paint (color up to you). After some quick setting up, gluing, and painting, you’ll have an awesome book stand. Seriously, go check it out!


4. DIY Book Holder for Reading on Your Side in Bed by A Flicker of Korean

Image Via A Flicker of Korean


Alright fellow book-readers who like to read on their side, this book stand is for you. The annoyance of either reading words not oriented to your head or the soreness of an arm held up for too long are no more. Granted, this method only works on pretty thin books, but it’s worth looking at all the same. All you need are four binder clips, two rulers, and four protectors (either rubber guards from photography clamps or cork boards cut to size will do). Just follow the instructions above and enjoy!


5. DIY Twistable Wire Book Stand by Bloomize

Image Via Bloomize

This DIY book stand actually has three different options—a foam hair curler, twist tie, and craft wire can all work. All you need to do is twist the material into the book stand, and it’ll keep your book open just how you like it. This stand also gives you some flexibility in how you want your book to be. You can hold it open wider or tighter, and it’ll be easy to unbend the flaps so you can turn the pages. So just grab some of these materials, and fashion your own DIY book stand.



Book lovers, your arms will be tired and sore no longer. These book stands will hold your book open so your hands don’t have to do that work. So you’ll just get to focus on how brilliant and enthralling your book is, and you won’t get distracted by that uncomfortable ache. Go check these DIY book stands out, and definitely go make one!


Featured Image Via My Crafts