Damon Salvatore’s Tinder Profile, All Katherines Need Apply

Welcome to Bookstr’s newest series where we take famous literary f*ckboys from all genres and hook them up with a profile to look for love or you know a…hookup, or two, or many.

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Have you ever wanted to see if your favorite literary f*ckboys have their own tinder profiles? Well, you are in luck my friends. Welcome to Bookstr’s newest series where we take famous literary f*ckboys from all genres and hook them up with a profile to look for love or you know a…hookup, or two, or many.

This is all just fun and games and today we will be looking at our first literary f*ck boy, who could make all the girls swoon, whether they wanted to or not, Damon Salvatore ladies and gentlemen!


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Damon is the more sultry half of the famous Salvatore vampire brothers from The Vampire Diaries. He’s cunning, sneaky and sometimes a psychopath but he has other redeeming qualities. He’s funny, can be sweet when he wants to be and is just charming enough to make anyone fall for him.

His first true love is Katherine, the vampire he and his brother, Stefan were turned by. Both of the brothers were in love and having…relations with the femme fatale at the same time, knowingly at that. While Stefan moved on years later with Elena, Katherine’s doppelgänger, Damon was hung up on her, convinced that she was his true love and was going to stop at nothing to find her.

There have been many flings over his 175 years of course. One of note was with Caroline Forbes, one of Elena’s best friends when he returned to Mystic Falls in the first season of the show. A few others of note were Rose, a vampire who had been on the run for years then sadly dies of a werewolf bite, Andie Star, a human reporter who was killed brutally by Stefan, Rebekah Mikaelson, one of the original vampires, and Charlotte, a vampire from New Orleans who Damon made count every brick in the city due his sire bond; he needed a clean break because, again of his sire bond, she was obsessed with him. More than a jerk move if you ask me. He’s also responsible for changing Elena’s biological mom into a vampire and knowing Damon they might have done more.

There might have been a witch or two somewhere but based on the way he treats Bonnie (and the show for that matter but that’s another situation entirely), he doesn’t deserve a witch.


It easy to say that a lot of these relationships were never serious. He used all of these women for pleasure and to fill a void when he really just needed therapy and an actual talk with his brother. He uses Caroline, makes Rebekah believe he loves her, and leaves Charlotte to count EVERY BRICK for years, not knowing how truly powerful his sire bond was and whether she would survive or not. Andie was an unfortunate casualty because his brother was a crazed blood addict doing everything he could to keep Damon from trying to save him. And their relationship was framed in away for Damon “trying” to move on and trying to make Elena jealous. Toxic is an understatement people.

With Rose, I was actually surprised that he made a small connection with her but then she gets killed off because of Damon’s beef with the werewolves who had come to Mystic Falls.

For these reasons, we here at Bookstr think his tinder profile would look a bit like this:


But some many years and bad blood later he falls for Elena, who, may I remind you, is his brother’s girl. Jeez that’s awkward. After seasons of will they, won’t they, the series does end with them being human, happy and together. So after he married the true love of his life this profile was promptly deleted, but we here at Bookstr archived it for you, so you’re welcome.


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