Josh Hutcherson Joins ‘Across The River And Into The Trees’

For me personally, after suffering a long time from Hutcherson flick withdrawal, the time has finally come to see Josh back on the big screen…

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In case you haven’t thought to do so before, now looks like a good time to head (back) for the jungle, because former Hunger Games star and current star/executive producer of Hulu’s Future Man Josh Hutcherson, along with writer and star of There Is No Place Like Home Sabrina Impacciatore, is joining the cast of the new Across The River And Into The Trees movie! For me personally, after suffering a long time from Hutcherson flick withdrawal, the time has finally come to see Josh back on the big screen…





Based off of Ernest Hemingway’s 1950 book of the same name, it is set in Venice and tells the story – spanning over a matter of hours, which doesn’t surprise me – of a middle-aged American colonel who finds love at both the right time and the wrong time in his life when at the end of WWII, he is in the middle of an ongoing physical hardship, while knowing that though this love is restoring his love for life, it is also love can’t last for too long. According to Amazon, this work “is tender and moving, yet tragic in the inexorable shadow of what must come.”


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You know, even without knowing that Josh would be cast in the movie for this book, I actually really want to read this book, because I actually know what it’s like to find that special someone at both the best and worst possible time: to be going through a rough time in your life and then all of a sudden find someone that gives you that best possible feeling to keep going but all the while knowing that you can’t be with that person in the way you want to be. So, reading a book about someone who knows that feeling all too well – and then some – would be very refreshing for me.





Anyway, back to the movie deets… Also on the cast, we already have Liev Schreiber, Matilda De Angelis, Laura Morante and Giancarlo Giannini. Right now, both production companies Tribune Pictures and The Exchange are in pre-production in Italy, according to Variety. Liev will be portraying Colonel Richard Cantwell, “a character partially based on Hemingway’s friend Colonel Charles T. Lanham,” so needless to say, this book, along with the works that came before, will be taking after a certain person or experience in Hemingway’s life.

From my own experience, I got turned off from Hemingway’s style when my 9th grade English class – Honors, mind you – was assigned to read The Old Man And The Sea, a book about yes, an old man having to endure an ongoing struggle with old age while also trying to catch a fish for the first time in a very long time. As a fifteen-year-old, I had to make my way through that book, which was mainly that scene of him waiting for a bite and letting his mind wander on for pages on end, so it just dragged on and on, making it my least favorite book ever read…


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However, seeing my favorite young male actor having been cast in a movie based on one of Hemingway’s works, not to mention knowing that this specific book is about an experience that I’ve had in my own life – except the part of being a war vet part though – may be the ticket for me to give his writing another shot. After all, I am almost ten years older than I was when I had to pick up Hemingway for the first time, so after this book, maybe – just maybe – I’ll revisit my copy of The Old Man And The Sea on my bookshelf. Again, maybe.





Across The River And Into The Woods is part of The Exchange’s slate at the online American Film Market, which opens… today! If you want to check out any other titles by The Exchange, they are as follows: Noomi Rapace’s The Thicket, Kumail Nanjiani’s The Independent, Trace Lysette’s Monica, Zoe Saldana’s Keyhole Garden, Anna Faris’ Summer Madness, Drew Barrymore’s The Stand-In and the documentaries Welcome to Chechnya, Welcome to Dale and Street Gang.



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