Loki Comes Out As Bisexual!

Episode 3 of Disney+’s new show comes with the reveal that Loki, the God of Mischief and aspiring ruler of the universe, is bisexual, writes ‘The Wrap.’

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(Spoilers for the show Loki are ahead. Beware!)

Episode 3 of Disney+’s Loki comes with the reveal that its titular character, the God of Mischief and aspiring ruler of the universe, is bisexual, writes The Wrap. The website states that there have been instances in the comics where Loki has hinted at his sexuality, but it has never been explicitly stated.

This comes after, according to CNN, a detail in one of the show’s trailers reveals that Loki is also genderfluid, though the show has yet to mention it besides including a female variant of Loki, introduced in the end of episode 2. The Wrap points out that Disney hasn’t included many LGBTQ+ characters, especially not in a major role, but with Loki, it seems that precedent is hopefully coming to an end.





However, it’s interesting that the one major LGBTQ+ character in the MCU is a villain (or, fine, anti-hero) while all the heroes are still, as far as I know, not LGBTQ+ in the slightest. Terra Necessary from Pride writes that “one of the quickest tropes television and film makers used to mark a character as a villain was to saddle them with a bunch of cliché, homosexual stereotypes” and lists “almost every Disney villain” as being examples of this trope.

Clearly, associating being LGBTQ+ and being evil is not a great message to be sending out to children because it subtly (or not so subtly) suggests to anyone LGBTQ+ that, perhaps, they might be evil as well. Even though the thought of having an actual bisexual and genderfluid character in a major television series is incredible, the fact that it still seems to perpetuate this trope kind of puts a bit of a damper on it. (Though, since he now has his own show, perhaps he is moving more into hero territory?)






Still, having an LGBTQ+ character is nice. We know that Loki’s a LGBTQ+ character, so he becomes sort of proof of life that shows us that LGBTQ+ people have a role in the MCU, and a role as the head of a television show. Hopefully, we see more about Loki’s gender – if he just uses he/him pronouns and presents as masculine, that is perfectly fine, but please actually address it!

(I feel I should note here that I have not actually watched episode 3 yet just in case they actually have done this. In that case, ignore this). Having a tiny teaser really isn’t enough.


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