‘Lost Boys’ Prequel Musical On the Way

Rev up your motorcycles, because we’re heading back to Santa Carla.


The 80s vampire cult classic The Lost Boys is getting a prequel musical titled A Lost Boys Story. While a CW TV show continues to be in development this musical should be finished and at least to the purists, more faithful than the CW’s.

The score is written by G Tom Mac, who wrote ‘Cry Little Sister,’ probably the most famous song from the movie. The album is on Spotify already, and there are concept music videos on YouTube.


The Lost Boys is about two brothers who move with their mom to a boardwalk town called Santa Carla, known as the murder capital of the world. The older brother Michael (Jason Patric) notices a pretty girl who seems to hang around a gang of bikers. Only they’re not regular bikers. They’re vampire bikers! The leader of the gang, David (Kiefer Sutherland), takes an interest in Michael, who must find a way to break free from the vampire’s allure and become human again.

The musical will focus on David’s past and how he came from Lithuania to America, where he ends up in an orphanage headed by Max, a vampire. We see David’s transformation, and how he gets his other gang members from different parts of the country, all to go to California, where The Lost Boys begin.

They all come from different walks of life in Middle America, the Midwest, Arizona, and then they head to California. That’s when all the good stuff starts. We tried to take a twist, whereby we know the story of the movie, but we don’t know how it all got there. And in the musical, we do. It’s very much a story of immortality, but it’s also a story about how people in their 20s think they’re immortal, anyway. It kind of runs that parallel of pop culture.

Joel Schumacher, the late director of the movie, gave this project his blessing, ensuring that the musical will be up to his standards. I’m very excited for the full thing, although if it doesn’t have the greased up sax player, count me out.

Featured Image Via Warner Brothers