Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ Review

Netflix’s new show, Bridgerton, has taken the internet by storm! This period drama set in 1813 is full of drama, family, love, gossip, and lots of steamy scenes.

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Netflix’s new show, Bridgerton, has taken the internet by storm! This period drama set in 1813 is full of drama, family, love, gossip, and lots of steamy scenes. The show is based on the book series by Julia Quinn and the show is produced by ShondaLand productions, the same production company that brought Greys Anatomy and Scandal, and now Bridgerton, to the world.


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There is so much to love about this show, and the perfect place to start is how attractive Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings is. He steals every scene he’s in, even when he’s being unreasonable. It’s hard to be mad at him, especially since he comes from such a troubled past. The flashbacks to his childhood abandonment and abuse are heart wrenching and they definitely want to make you hug Simon more than you already do. He does his best to do what is right, even if it means death, to protect Daphne. It’s honestly irritating because they just met and he was willing to die for her, but it was 1813 and loved moved fast back then. The sex scenes between those two are definitely steamy though. In one episode, there was a whole montage dedicated to their desires. Good thing Lady Whistledown wasn’t around to write about that, the town’s gossip who spreads everyone’s secrets through a weekly paper. The mystery surrounding her identity is one of the major plot points of the show. It definitely gives the show some Gossip Girl vibes.
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Besides those two lovebirds, the best characters in my opinion are Marina, Eloise and Penelope.  Well, Penelope was one of the best until she was taken over by the green eyed monster. Marina, brings scandal to the Featherington household, which is sad considering how much Lady Featherington hates her and what her predicament means for her ability to marry. However, she does try to trick Collin Bridgerton into marriage, but in her defense, she didn’t have any other choice. She could have been honest but still, she was desperate. Eloise is the rebel of the Bridgerton family and prefers to be alone with her books and living her own life, rather than being forced to attend balls to find a husband. That’s what makes her so likable and relatable. It would have been nice to get some more Eloise and Marina scenes, the dynamic between those two would have been amazing.
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Another great aspect of the show is the music. Although it takes place in 1813, the music is extremely current. In the very first episode you can hear Ariana Grande’s song, “Thank U, Next,”  playing on the violin. Even during Daphne and Simon’s sex montage you can hear Taylor’s Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” on the violin as well. It’s the little things like that, that add to the greatness of the show. The diversity of the cast was also great, it was amazing to see a woman of color be Queen.
The only complaint have with the show is Daphne’s outfits. All of her gowns looked like nightgowns, and even though it was nice that she wasn’t dressed over the top, did she have to look like she was ready for bed all the time?  Other than that, from the music, to the drama and the acting, this show is a must watch!
You can watch it right here.
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