Star Wars Spy Thriller ‘Andor’ is Infiltrating Disney+

Star Wars has a spy thriller coming to Disney+. What can we all expect? How will it tie into the SW universe? Most importantly when is it being released?

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Star Wars has made big headway on the small screen with the success of The Mandalorian. Fans, newbies, and causals alike have rekindled their love for the fantastical space opera in these lovely fan servicing pocket adventures week after week. Currently, the show is amongst the titans of streaming shows since its debut last year and the second season is topping new heights with fans eagerly awaiting the season finale dropping Friday. The expectations for what Disney has planned for have officially surpassed what the films could offer and it seems they’re doubling down on the Disney+ format for future projects. By now everyone has heard of the new release slate for upcoming Star Wars projects including an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, an Ahsoka series, and today’s subject an Andor series.


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This new spy thriller set in between episodes III and IV at the peak of the empire’s reign over the galaxy as the rebellion is slowly growing. It stars Diego Luna as the titular Cassian Andor from the 2016 Rogue One spinoff film. The show will focus on the captain as he makes his way through the ranks of the rebellion while hiding in plain sight amongst a myriad of stormtroopers. The series promises some of the spy action fans got a good helping of in the last film with additional detail. While many specifics aren’t clear a good indication of what to expect comes with delving into some of the subtle lines delivered by the character in Rogue One.

Cassian has stated that he has been fighting the Empire since he was six years old and claims he’s done a great many things that he regrets all in the name of the cause. Perhaps his troubled origin as a child soldier being inducted into the Rebel Alliance will be explored while following some morally questionable missions to dismantle the enemy that forced him on this path. Another likely possibility is the return of other characters from Rogue One like fan-favorite sassy droid K-2SO leaving a window for character actor Alan Tudyk to jump on the helm once more.


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The set details released since the announcement do spell a grander scale being reached that might even exceed the scope of The Mandalorian. Two hundred named cast members have joined the series as well as six thousand crowd extras making it on par with the films. The show is also reported to have twelve episodes surpassing the usual eight The Mandalorian offers along with dozen of new costumes and concept art available on the official Star Wars website. The new Star Wars TV slate seems to focus on what makes the franchise work nowadays taking us to familiar places in the universe while exploring new ideas that feed that sense of sprawling adventure. With the filming of Andor starting in November 2020, the new Disney+ series is expected to hop into light speed to your television in early 2022.


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