Why ‘Sweet Tooth’ Creator Wishes Netflix’s Characters Were in His Comics

Recent praise for Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ is positive and receptive, but perhaps no one is more delighted by the show than the creator of the comics.

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Recent praise for Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is positive and receptive, but perhaps no one is more delighted by the show than the creator of the comics.



The Netflix version of Sweet Tooth changes a few of the original aspects from Jeff Lemire’s 2010 comic book series, though this is not unlike most adaptations nowadays. In comparison to the original books, the show expands on a few plot elements, characters, and situations which were otherwise small ideas in the books. Other times, some of the characters and scenes are entirely new to the Sweet Tooth universe, created entirely for the show’s first season.




Substantial characters like Rani Singh, Bear, and Aimee Eden were all created for Netflix’s latest hit show, and cannot be found in Lemire’s Sweet Tooth comics. Nonetheless, Lemire recently expressed why he would have loved to include these characters in his original work.

“It’s cool. It’s really neat to re-experience the story and look at it from slightly different angle,” he said. “I did the book a decade ago, so a lot of things have changed since then. And there’s been a lot of post-apocalyptic stories since then. So some things just needed to change, to feel fresh again. But I think some of the new characters make me a little jealous, because I really wish I had them when I was doing the book. Like Aimee Eden, for sure, is like a character, I really wish I’d had her, because she’s a fantastic character.”




As mentioned in an interview with ComicBook, Lemire was so inspired by the filming of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth, that he actually went on to continue the comic books ten years after its then-completion. The show had inspired him to write more about his beloved characters, and eventually led to the release of Sweet Tooth: The Return in 2020.

When talking about Netflix’s new characters, he also said, “It’s really exciting. I love finding things in the book that have stayed the same and then finding things that have been added or changed…It’s all really interesting to see the adaptation happen and experience both things. I still love the comic and it always can stay the comic, but then to have this new thing that embraces the heart of the comic, but kind of finds some new language is cool.”

If you’d like to check out all of these new author-approved characters, Sweet Tooth is currently streaming on Netflix, and may be getting a second season soon.


Featured Image via Kirsty Griffin / Netflix