The Best And Worst Characters in ‘Normal People’

Connell and Marianne encountered many types of people during their years together. Here are some of the best, and the worst.

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Connell and Marianne encountered many types of people during their years together. Based on the TV show, this list will leave the two of them out to give the other characters a chance at the spotlight. Here are some of the best, and the worst of them.

The Worst

5. Gareth

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Gareth is #5 just because of how annoying he is on the show. He just embodies the term “the worst.” Even his group of friends were happy to get rid of him after he and Marrianne broke up. If only he could be here to defend himself, and debate you for hours on why he thinks he’s great.


4. eric

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Eric redeemed himself a bit towards the end of the story, but his actions earlier on earn him a spot on this list. He knew that Connell and Marianne were together and he still bullied her in front of him, just to push limits. Plus, he sees Marianne multiple times after they graduate and he still doesn’t apologize to her until long after. What was he waiting for?


3. Peggy

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Peggy is tricky because, in the beginning, she’s exciting and great. A real friend to Marianne who brought out the wild side in her. But, despite their close friendship, Peggy still manages to choose Jamie’s side in the breakup, knowing full well how he treated Marianne. Then, she has the audacity to be rude to Connell about it. In many ways, Peggy and Eric shared opposite arcs.


2. Jamie

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Does this even require an explanation? He acted like a jealous child towards Gareth and Connell and then when he finally got Marianne, he treated her terribly. Enough said.


1. Alan

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Alan’s scenes were some of the most painful to watch in the show. He consistently hurt and abused Marianne, likely taking after their father. There’s no excuse for his behavior, but lets at least hope that Connell scared him off.


The Best

5. Karen

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Karen just did everything right. She defended Marianne in front of her friends, when even Connell didn’t. Karen was the first one to make sure that Marianne was okay the night in the club when she was groped. Karen just added some wholesome content to the show and gave Marianne the break she deserved.


4. Helen

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Helen gets thrown aside from being ‘the other woman’ but she deserves a lot of credit. She stuck by Connell after Rob died and tried her best to support him. She knew about Marianne and until the end was pretty easy going about it. She was sweet and caring and deserves to be with someone who will love her with all their heart, and not just some of it.


3. Joanna

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Joanna was the best friend Marianne could have asked for in college. She was chill, caring, and open. In the end, Marianne talks about how content she is with her life, in the context of her married-esque relationship with Joanna. It’s a lovely friendship and Marianne was so lucky to have as great of a friend as she got.


2. Niall

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Niall was somehow carefree and super aware and sensitive all at once. If it wasn’t for him, Connell wouldn’t have gone to therapy or had any sense of comfort at Trinity. A lot of this list has been connected to Marianne, but Niall reserves the second-best spot for how great of a friend he was to Connell. And, for overall just being a wonderful guy.


1. Lorraine

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It’s quite obvious that Lorraine deserves the top spot. She figured out how to be a single mom, deal with an obnoxious wealthy family, and still have so much wisdom and love to give. If it wasn’t for her, Connell and Marianne would have never found each other. She knew when to check her son for being an ass, and when to step aside and let him figure things out for himself.


Bonus: Connell’s chain

Although not an official character, shout out to Connell’s chain for rocking it consistently throughout the show. Check out @connellschain on Instagram for more content like this:

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