The Upper East Side Barnes and Noble is No More

Say it isn’t so! One of the biggest Barnes and Nobles in New York City is closing its doors.

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Say it isn’t so! (Insert crying emoji here) One of the biggest Barnes and Nobles in New York City is closing its doors. Their location was 150 East 86th Street, and it was recently announced that the branch is closed forever. However, it is but one of 400 stores that have shut down due to COVID-19. When the pandemic first hit, the CEO, James Daut, told employees that the layoffs may one day be inevitable, and unfortunately that day is here for most of the stores in the United States.


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According to a spokesperson, everyone at the Upper East Side location has enjoyed serving their customers and appreciate the loyalty and support they have gotten in the twelve years they’ve been open. I’m one of their loyal customers, even before they moved to that location, when they were just down the street, and I have fond memories of going there once a month on Friday nights with friends. I spent most of my childhood allowance there, and it makes me so sad that a small part of who I am is closing. I even went to my first Harry Potter midnight event there, and it’s just my happy place. All book lovers have that one special bookstore that they call home and this one was mine.

On the bright side, this location may be closing but they are currently scouting out sites for a new branch  in the same area. So, just a different building, but the heart of the store will still be there. They are actively looking, and hope to open up a new store soon.



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