This Grandma and Grandkids Trio Writing Books Is So Adorable

Seriously, go put away the angst and drama, because there’s something much more wonderful to read about. These stories are super adorable.

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Seriously, go put away the angst and drama, because there’s something much more wonderful to read about. Diana Todaro Vorsheck, a grandmother living in Carmel Valley, California, moved from Laguna Hills about four years ago to be closer to her grandchildren. She is a semi-retired attorney, and she teaches international business law at the University of California Irvine. But recently, she’s found a new passion—writing children’s books.



But not by herself. After Diana read her nine-year-old grandson John III’s story, which he wrote for church camp, she was greatly impressed. She told him, “I think we should make this available as a book.” And what did John reply? “It is a book!” They collaborated on making this book become a reality, and thus The Ghost House was born.


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Even though it sounds scary, it’s actually a story about a group of diverse friends—a skeleton, a witch, a zombie, and more—who celebrate their friendship and play together. This imaginative book is sweet and caring, just like the story of how it came to be.

Their next book was the work of Diana and two of her grandchildren, John and seven-year-old Gianna. The story goes that Diana was picking up her grandchildren from school, when Gianna said, “I know what would really make you happy, if I lived next door.” When they got home, Diana prompted John and Gianna to use their imaginations to think of ways to get to their grandma’s house if she was next door, like digging a tunnel, building a bridge, scaling a high hedge via trampoline or dog. This adorable story led to If Grandma Lived Next Door, a charming and whimsical children’s book.


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Diana found an illustrator at her local church, St. Therese of Carmel, named Seoyoung Chung. Chung brought this cute stories to life with bright and cartoony drawings that captured the charm of the books.

The grandma and grandchildren writing trio have no plans of stopping, and apparently they have lots of new ideas. It’s nice to see an intergenerational bond and how well they work together to bring these adorable stories to other kids.



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