‘WandaVision’ Episode 8 Explained

Episode 8 of ‘WandaVision’ is Eartha Kitt! PERIOD. Find out why here!

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Episode 8 of WandaVision is Eartha Kitt! PERIOD. Oh and Black History Month may be over its Melanin March. So get into it!




This week, we are back with Wanda and Agatha down her creepy basement with the twins still missing. There is a flashback of Agatha back in the 1800’s getting taken by who we at first think are witch hunters but are actually members of the coven led by her mother. Agatha is being punished but ends up turning the other witches’ power against them, killing them.

Wanda is tied up and at Agatha’s mercy while she explains how long she’s been waiting to reveal herself. She also gives Wanda a much-needed magic lesson and, as it turns out, she is extremely powerful. But she wants to know how Wanda reshaped reality in WestView. Wanda isn’t sure, so Agatha takes her (and us) on a walk-through of essential moments from Wanda’s past.

The first memory is of a younger Wanda, and this is where we meet her parents and young Pietro. We find out that this is where her love of American sitcoms come from, as her dad used to sell them for money. The four are a happy little family and sit to watch The Dick Van Dyke Show, but bombs hit, and we see the destruction they cause. The parents are dead under rubble, and Wanda and Pietro wait underneath the bed while the Stark Industries bomb stares at them.

Agatha sort of implies that it was strange how the bomb didn’t go off and indicates that it might have been Wanda’s latent powers that kept her and her twin safe.





Next, we travel to see Wanda’s first interaction with the Mind Stone that is still encased in Loki’s staff. The scientists have Wanda step into a room to see how she reacts to the stone, even though many subjects have died from exposure. The stone seems to take a liking to her, as it releases a bright glow. Wanda sees a vision of what looks like herself, dressed as The Scarlett Witch from the comics. We also see her watching old sitcoms from her cell in the facility.

That isn’t what Agatha wants to see, so they press on to go to a moment that took place some time after Avengers: Age of Ultron, when she became a member of the team. Wanda’s in her room at the Avengers compound, watching more television, when Vision visits her. They talk a bit about how Wanda is feeling and about Pietro. He tries to comfort her, and the two bond as they watch the show. It’s a short conversation, but we can see the start of a beautiful relationship.

Then, we go to the day where Wanda goes to see Vision’s body at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters. Unlike what was told to us previously, Wanda is very calm when she goes to see him. (Sure, she breaks down the door, but still.) She then encounters Director Hayward. He lets her see him, but a bunch of agents are working on him and look like they are taking him apart. All she wants to do is have a funeral for him, but he insists that Vision is their property.



*Side note: How is Vision S.W.O.R.D property? He was originally Jarvis, Tony’s AI. He then became Vision, then an Avenger. After the snapping, I’m sure the remaining Avengers were shook, but why wouldn’t have any of them taken Vision’s body back to the compound? Or at least put him under Pepper’s jurisdiction? We can assume that she still runs the company after Tony died, right? She was most likely busy being pregnant and being a mom during the five years between the snapping and Tony’s death, but what about after? Maybe because he signed the Sokovia Accords way back when?

Anyway . . . It’s clear that Hayward lied about Wanda stealing Vision’s body. Wanda drives to WestView, and we see the town before Wanda’s grief took over. Some of the characters who will soon be pulled into the reality are shown, and we go to the plot of land where Wanda and Vision were planning on building a house to grow old in, according to a note Vision left on the deed Wanda held.





So, obviously distraught, she realizes that she is utterly alone. Her brother is gone, the love of her life is gone, her friends and her position as an Avenger seem far away, her powers take over and turn WestView into what we know it is now, and she creates a new Vision, in a manner of speaking.

The episode ends with Agatha threatening the boys and calling Wanda The Scarlett Witch. But Marvel returns to form with a end-credits scene, where Hayward prepares for an attack on the Hex with a synthesized version of Vision.

This was a tough one! What did you guys think? Any theories for the next and, unfortunately, last episode of WandaVision this Friday? Hopefully, Wanda can kick some Agatha butt and get her kids back, and the whole family plus Monica can fight Hayward to knock some sense into him. I’m terrified of what’s happening this Friday, but I can’t wait!

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