‘WandaVision’ Episodes 6 and 7 Explained

OKAY, so episodes 6 and 7 of ‘WandaVision’ are Diana Ross and Chaka Khan, respectfully! Let’s get into it!

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OKAY, so episodes 6 and 7 of WandaVision are Diana Ross and Chaka Khan, respectfully! Let’s get into it!




As you remember, Evan Peters shocked us last episode and became a cultural reset!

Episode 6

We are in the ’90s, baby! This is a Halloween episode, and you know what that means! This episode is reminiscent of ‘Malcolm In The Middle’. Everyone is dressed in their hero outfits from the comics as costumes. But instead of joining the boys for their first Halloween, Vision goes out to “join the neighborhood watch,” which is code for exploring this weird phenomenon you have us in the middle of while you are otherwise preoccupied, Wanda.

When Wanda and Peter take the boys out, we notice that there are a lot of children in town now. Before the boys came along, we never saw any children in Westview. Even Peter asked where she got them from. Very suspicious . . .



As Vision explores, he notices that the people outside of Wanda’s reach are either stuck or repeating the same action over and over again. Creepy! Even though she has them under her control, her focus isn’t on them, so they kind of fall by the wayside. Vision comes across Agnes, who is stuck in her car like the other people closer to the outskirts of town. He uses his power to wake her up, and she begs for him to help them all. She tells him that he was an Avenger and that he was dead, dead, dead, dead. He puts her under, and she drives back into town.

Now he’s very confused, so he decides to check out what’s beyond WestView. When he steps through the barrier, S.W.O.R.D swarms him, but his body begins to fall apart. Darcy, who gets caught, is still on the grounds after, she, Jimmy Woo, and Monica get kicked out, and she pleads for anyone to help Vision.

Billy can feel his dad in pain, and Wanda decides to expand the Hex in order to get him back under it, but many S.W.O.R.D agents get sucked in as well. Their compound becomes a big top, and they turn into circus performers. Clowns – seems very fitting.





Monica and Jimmy Woo escape the expanding Hex in hopes of getting to Monica’s friend, who can help her get back into the Hex to help Wanda. Meanwhile, Hayward is also able to retreat and regroup.


Episode 7



Episode 7 starts off as what seems like a modern sitcom akin to Modern Family, in which the characters sit for confessionals and talk about the goings-on in each episode.  Obviously, Wanda is depressed. But unlike in the previous episodes, where she tries to interact with the town or be an active member of WestView, she stays in. She wears comfy clothes, eats cereal, and leaves the boys to their own devices. But there is something . . . off.  Every now and then, something changes – the television, a chair, or even the entire living room reverts back to decades ago, reminding us of previous episodes of the show. It becomes clear that the situation is starting to lose control.





Further out in the Hex, Vision wakes up and finds Darcy, who he recognizes from the night before. He used his power on her, and the two get away in a truck so that she can fill him in on everything. Outside the Hex, Monica and Jimmy make it to some agents that Monica trusts. They come with a vehicle that can potentially get her back through the barrier without her changing.

The vehicle goes sideways, forcing Monica to abandon the truck. But she forces her way through the Hex and comes away with new powers. Wanda then lets the boys hang out with Agnes, and this is the first time we see her home. The boys seem okay, but we as the audience get some weird vibes. Monica finds Wanda and tries to talk to her. Wanda is on the defensive, but when she starts to listen to Monica, Agatha intervenes and takes Wanda to her house.

Notably, the boys are gone, and Agatha’s like “Oh, they are probably playing in the basement.” At this point, I do not trust her, and if Wanda weren’t in such a state, she would be creeped out by her vibes. But unfortunately, Wanda goes down into the basement, and it’s VERY witchy!

And then, that reveal. It was all Agnes!!





She was behind killing the boys’ dog, messing with townsfolk with her power, and bringing “Pietro” back to be a spy. Agatha was really out here pulling strings right under Wanda’s nose. But why? What’s her goal? Find out here!

What did you think? How shocked were you at the reveal?

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