Why We Need to Stop Limiting Robert Pattinson As ‘The Guy From Twilight’

Robert Pattinson has starred in many critically acclaimed indie films and a few cultural phenomenons, but yet he’s still labeled as ‘the guy from twilight’. Let’s have a much needed discussion; hold on tight spidermonkey.

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I remember the first time I saw Robert Pattinson, he utterly stole my attention (and heart) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So like a moth drawn to a flame when I heard he was going to be in some vampire movie called Twilight, I read all the books like gospel and booked my movie tickets in advance. For every movie. However, Twilight was fifteen years ago (happy anniversary my fellow twihards) and with every new movie Robert utterly kills, he’s still ‘the guy from Twilight‘. My friends the days of Edward Cullen sparkling in Forks are unfortunately behind us, but let’s look at some of Pattinson’s finest to remind you of his talent. Hold on tight spidermonkey

Image via The Indian Express

Now when DC dropped it’s trailer for The Batman, I was gagged (honestly I’m still recovering). The perfect levels of grit, action and mystery to excite any comic lover. But then the usual naysayers arose with ‘the guy from Twilight, really?‘. *Sigh*  So here’s the truth, yes Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward Cullen from 2008-2012, but he’s been extremely busy since then. Particularly shedding the sparkly image of Edward and doing less commercial, more gritty and intense films. For instance, he starred in Good Time (2017) directed by the genius who made Uncut Gems. Pattinson plays Connie Nikas, a degenerate who spends one desperate night trying to secure a $10,000 bail bond for his developmentally disabled brother, Nick, after a heist gone wrong. Not to mention his Queens accent? Killer.

Image via Chicago Reader

Once I saw the trailer for The Devil all the Time (2020), I knew instantly I had to watch it. The psychological and gritty thriller adaptation was the perfect world for Robert Pattinson. Who plays a not-so-nice preacher in a small town community; praying upon the lost and the misguided. Robert holds his own in this huge star-studded cast and his southern accent?! I will be saying delusions for the rest of the year, please give him his much needed oscar.

Truly I can list Pattinson projects all day: The King, The Rover, The Lost City of Zseriously I can keep going. Pattinson has the serious chops to not only kill it as Batman, but every role after that.

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