Scary Stories – A Free, Spooktacular Virtual Event

Register now for a spooktacular evening! Join this unique event to learn the art of writing from an award-winning author and create stories with fellow bookworms in an immersive experience that is fun, participatory, and social.


Bookstr and Infiniscape are proud to present an exclusive virtual event for book lovers (around the world) this Halloween season! Put on your gloves as you are going to dig into some spooky stuff! Join this unique event to learn the art of writing from an award-winning author and create stories with fellow bookworms in an immersive experience that is fun, participatory, and social. Come dressed as your favorite character or come as yourself — either is great!

The event features Heather Graham, best-selling author of over 200 books! She will give her insider’s perspective on writing horror stories, making your reader’s skin crawl, and getting to the guts of a good spooky tale. Take the proverbial pen in a themed breakout room with nine other victims, ahem, attendees, and get writing! Your host will guide you through a writing game that will put you in the running for some stellar bookish prizing. Not to worry — no one leaves empty-handed! Meet new people, flex your spooky writing skills, and may the best story win. You don’t want to miss this!

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Meet the best bookish people and connect in a fun and unique way. We can’t meander the bookstore aisle anymore, making friends with the others looking for Fitzgerald. To meet new people and flex those social muscles, join a community of readers, writers, Halloween enthusiasts, and win not only a prize but a friend, too!


Heather Graham, who has penned over 200 novels, will be teaching the art of writing horror stories, and all that it entails! Attending Spooky Stories will be like receiving a crash course in the creepy craft in a unique and safe environment. Aside from being a fun evening, this is an exciting opportunity to hear directly from a bestselling author.


As if meeting BBFFs (bookish best friends forever) wasn’t enough, we have some awesome prizes up for grabs. The winning story from the writing portion of the event will take home the best bookish prizes, but they won’t be alone, there are prizes for everyone!

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We’ll provide you with an easy to use Zoom link and that’s all you’ll need! Be sure to get there on time or early as it is first-come, first-served and there will be lots of demand.

Author talk

The event starts out with award-winning horror and romance author, Heather Graham, speaking about what it takes to craft a “scary story.” She will guide you through the best ways to go about writing a horror story – including world building, sourcing your fears, character development, and how to truly get underneath the reader’s skin.

Create your Scary Story

Participants now split into groups where they get to make their own stories. In a fun, participatory style, you will now be guided by your room’s host in creating a Halloween themed scary story with the group.

Bring the stories to life

All groups will come together to share what their group came up with the entire virtual crowd. Laughs and gasps abound!

Finale and prizes! 

Winners will be announced and prizes will be won by all! You’ll bask in your group’s glory and take home not only your newly developed writing skills, but prizes as well! We’ll say goodbye to our new friends – but make sure to connect with them on Infinsicape’s community!


Wake up to that smell of fresh books by participating in this event! You will get the chance to win one of our 10 grand prizes or 30 runners up prizes. Everyone who participates will win some awesome new reading material for their bookshelf.

We will be sending books everywhere in the world no matter where you are! 

Every person who attends the event will receive a copy of The Haunting of Ashburn House by Darcy Coates

Our Grand Prize Winners (10 of them!) will win the “Fright in Your Night” book bundle (10 books) hot off the presses courtesy of Sourcebooks. The titles include: The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton, The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco, Voices in the Snow by Darcy Coates, The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates, Parasite by Darcy Coates, Hunted by Darcy Coates, Vathek by William Beckford, The Bone Keeper by Luca Vest, Little Creeping Things by Chelsea Ichaso, Plague Land by Alex Scarrow

Additionally, all 10 of you will receive an autographed copy of Heather Graham’s just-released book Dreaming Death (Krewe of Hunters Book 32) from the author herself!


Our next 30 runners up get an amazing array of titles from Tor Teen! 2nd prize winners will also receive a horror book bundle with 5 books including: The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton, The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco, Voices in the Snow by Darcy Coates, The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates, and Vathek by William Beckford.

Everyone who attends receives at least one brand new book!

See below in our sponsor section for details.


Heather Graham is the NYT and USA Today bestselling author of over two hundred novels including suspense, paranormal, historical, mainstream, and Christmas stories. She lives in Miami, Florida, her home, and an easy shot down to the Keys where she can indulge in her passion for diving. Travel, research, and ballroom dancing also help keep her sane; she is the mother of five, and also resides with two dogs, and two cats and considers family and friends her greatest assets in life. She is CEO of Slush Pile Productions, a recording company and production house for various charity events. She has been honored with the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, a Thriller Writers Silver Bullet for charitable contributions, and in 2016, she received the Thriller Master Award. Look her up at

Our Judges

Jeff Strand is the author of almost fifty books, including PRESSURE, DWELLER, MY PRETTIES, CLOWNS VS. SPIDERS, and EVERYTHING HAS TEETH. Cemetery Dance Magazine said “No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand’s perfect mixture of comedy and terror.” Several of his books are on the excruciatingly slow and frustrating path to becoming motion pictures. He’s a proud member of the Atlanta chapter of the Horror Writers Association.


Lynne Hansen is a horror artist who specializes in book covers. She loves creating art that tells a story and helps publishers, authors, and readers connect. Her art has appeared on the cover of the legendary Weird Tales Magazine, and her clients include Cemetery Dance Publications, Thunderstorm Books and Raw Dog Screaming Press. She has illustrated works by New York Times bestselling authors including Jonathan Maberry, George Romero, and Christopher Golden. Her art has been commissioned and collected throughout the United States and overseas. Art-Haus Gallery in Atlanta will be hosting her solo art show “Lyrical Nightmares: The Art of Lynne Hansen.” For more information, visit, or find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @LynneHansenArt.
JON LAND is the USA Today bestselling author of over fifty books, including eleven in the critically acclaimed Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong series, the most recent of which, Strong from the Heart, won the 2020 American Fiction Award for Best Thriller. Additionally, he has teamed up with Heather Graham for a science fiction series that began with THE RISING (winner of the 2017 International Book Award for best Sci-fi Novel) and continues with BLOOD MOON. He has also written six books in the Murder, She Wrote series of mysteries and has more recently taken over Margaret Truman’s Capital Crimes series, beginning with Murder on the Metro in February of 2021. A graduate of Brown University, he received the 2019 Rhode Island Authors Legacy Award for his lifetime of literary achievements. Land lives in Providence, Rhode Island and can be found at or on Twitter as @jondland.


Infiniscape is a new kind of online platform focused on live interactions. We are reimagining connections and creating meaningful, hosted online experiences that bring people together from all over the world! We’ve found other online experiences to be limiting and impersonal. We were not satisfied with a one-way experience and began to create a more interactive platform. We want to forge a new path allowing people to create bonds while we learn and grow together! We call it a community because people are central to the experience. This is a safe space, to share and listen, offer support, and make new friends. NOTE: After attending the Scary Stories event, you will receive a credit in your Infiniscape account towards a free experience if you make your account within 24 hours!


These people have graciously provided us and most importantly, you guys! — with bookish prizes for attendees to our Scary Stories event.


Sourcebooks is a thriving entrepreneurial company that brings extraordinary authors to readers in the most dynamic, data-driven ways. We create books that transcend categories and defy odds and have been honored with hundreds of national bestsellers and awards. We are home to enthusiastic, book-loving employees who are dedicated to connecting books to readers in new and innovative ways. Story by story, book by book, we have touched over 100 million lives. Join us as we change 100 million more. Visit for more information.


Tor Books is the primary imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, a publishing company based in New York City. It primarily publishes science fiction and fantasy titles.

Prizing: copies of Category Five by Ann Davila Cardinal, Each of Us a Desert by Mark Oshiro, The Living Dead by Romero and Kraus


Nimbus Publishing is the largest English-language publisher east of Toronto. Nimbus produces more than fifty new titles a year on a range of subjects relevant to the Atlantic Provinces — children’s picture books and fiction, literary non-fiction, social and cultural history, nature photography, current events, biography, sports, and cultural issues.

Prizing: Any book available on their amazing website!


Suspense Magazine has been your source of author interviews, articles, short stories, reviews, excerpts, and much more for the past twelve years. They also have a very popular podcast, Suspense Radio, which can be found on all the top podcast outlets. The publishing arm has published over one hundred books, including three of Tony Hillerman’s awards.

They are publishing their biggest book to date, “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight”, on November 17th, with Jeffery Deaver, Linwood Barclay, Rhys Bowen, Heather Graham, Shannon Kirk, and many more. The book received a Starred Review by Publisher Weekly. Coming next year they will publish another anthology with several top female authors, currently called “Infinity”, where they will donate 10% of the sales to Breast Cancer Research.