12 Romance Books That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

As the wintery holidays are approaching, and it’s getting more difficult by the day to avoid the cold weather, a good romance novel is the perfect thing to heat you up and keep you cozy. This crazy year is finally coming to a close, and, if you’re searching for some heart-warming reads to lift your spirits, you can look no further. Here, we have a collection of the twelve romance books of the season that will make your heart swoon.

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Snow fall, hot cocoa, and fireplaces roaring… colorful lights, candles, and cuddling up with the perfect book….These are a few of our favorite things! As the wintery holidays are approaching, and it’s getting more difficult by the day to avoid the cold weather, a good romance novel is a perfect thing to heat you up and keep you cozy. This crazy year is finally coming to a close, and, if you’re searching for some heart-warming reads to lift your spirits, you can look no further. Here, we have a collection of the twelve romance books of the season that will make your heart swoon.


1. Christmas at Home




The lyrics “I’ll be home for Christmas” have never been so ironic. Yes, most of us will be spending Christmas in our own homes this year, but that doesn’t mean that the holiday won’t be joyful. Carolyn Brown, a best-selling and top ten author on Amazon, holds true to this same theme in Christmas at Home (originally published as Mistletoe Cowboy).

Sage Presley finds herself unexpectedly snowed in at her grandmother’s ranch with the handsome stranger who is in the process of purchasing it. Although Sage is due at her gallery’s holiday show to sell her successful western paintings, she finds herself torn between protecting her grandmother’s family home and reluctantly being taken in by the rugged cowboy that is ready to take it over. Anyone looking for a romance book with substance and solidarity will fall head first into this novel’s 300 luscious pages that USA Today Happy Ever After terms “sassy, sexy… satisfying and genuine.”

“Hilarious… A high spirited, romantic page turner.” – Kirkus Reviews


2. Joy to the Wolves




USA Today best-selling author, Terry Spear, takes a Christmas romance novel to places never seen before in Joy to the Wolves, interweaving intimacy with mystery and blending the paranormal with the fight for animal welfare.

The countdown to Christmas is underway when a missing reindeer calf wanders onto Brooke Cerise’s property. As a red wolf shifter, Brooke is no stranger to protecting creatures in need and, although she’s only just moved to Portland Oregon by inheriting an antique shop, she finds herself investigating a kidnapping case involving fellow shifter, and attractive Detective, Josh Wilding. Will these werewolves crack the case and maybe even fall in love?

“Josh doesn’t intend to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, but Brooke gets under his skin from the moment they meet, and he can’t help his instinct to protect her. These red wolves are both on the hunt for love, but there’s a mystery to solve before they can enjoy their holiday happy-ever-after.”


3. Wish Upon a Cowboy




Jennie Marts’ Wish Upon a Cowboy is “the perfect blend of humor, grit, and sexy cowboy spice. Delicious!” said best-selling author, Kari Lynn Dell.

Logan Rivers, a rancher and hockey coach, is constantly on the lookout for a good housekeeper that isn’t trying to clean up the cobwebs of his heart as well as his home. But when Harper Evans, a single mom who came to Colorado to find and bring her son home, stumbles upon the open post in Logan’s residence, her indifference to the handsome athlete grants her the position. The delicious meals Harper concocts, and the lack of sparks between her and Logan, assures her of job security, but both parties soon find they’re struggling to resist the heat in the kitchen. As Logan’s secret financial disparity – caused by a mathematical mistake due to his dyslexia- surfaces, Harper takes it upon herself to step beyond her role as house keeper and assist him in saving his ranch and all that he holds dear. And, as Harper gets closer to Logan, he cannot help but hold her dearly as well.

“With the holidays approaching and a storm closing in, he and Harper have to save his ranch and fight for her son. But can Harper trust the cowboy who is offering her both a home―and his heart?”



4. Boyfriend Material




Is there a better romantic comedy theme out there than the “rent a significant other” plot? I thought not. Boyfriend Material, by the award-winning author, Alexis Hall, embellishes this premise with LGBTQIA+ representation, and proves that the “fake boyfriend” trope is anything but tired. In fact, it’s downright hilarious and dreamily rewarding.

When Luc O’Donnell- living in the shadow of his rock star father’s fame- finds his reputation tarnished by a compromising photo, he decides that finding the perfect boyfriend is the best way to build up his image. Then, Luc finds Oliver Blackwood, a barrister, ethical vegetarian and the proper, picturesque arm candy that he feels he desperately needs. But arranging this partnership isn’t as perfect as Oliver appears. With the exception of both of them being gay, Luc and Oliver are as opposite as they come. As they are both in need of a date, they arrange a plan to pretend to be together for their respected events. Fake boyfriends, for now, they promise one another, until real feelings sneak their way into Luc and Oliver’s false pretenses.

“Discover the LGBT romance about exact opposites falling in perfectly imperfect love that New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Christina Lauren, calls ‘hilarious, witty, tender, and stunning.’”


5. Mistletoe in Texas




Mistletoe in Texas by The New York Times best-selling author, Kari Lynn Dell, explores the depths of losing what one thinks they want in order to discover their true desires. Check out the holiday romance novel that Publisher’s Weekly deems “Illuminating…a standout in western romance.”

Hank Brookman is a rodeo bullfighter with his sights set for the limelight, never looking back. But when one misstep unravels all the plans he had for his path to fame, he sinks into a void of despondency and self-pity. Tired of bathing in regret, Hank resolves to return to his home in Texas and make amends with his loss. Little does he know, however, that the treasure he’d truly lost resides still in the small town he’d left years ago. His old flame, Grace McKenna, now face to face again with the man who’d walked out on her, must choose whether to share a secret she’s kept from him during all these years of separation.

“He may be back looking for redemption, but after everything they’ve been through, how can she admit what he really walked away from all those years ago? Hank always knew persuading Grace to trust him again would be a tall order. Convincing her they deserve a happily ever after? That may take a Texas-sized Christmas miracle.”


6. Blue Sky Cowboy Christmas




Can’t get enough of those hunky holiday cowboys? Well, buck up; you’re in luck! Blue Sky Cowboy Christmas by the award-winning author, Joanne Kennedy, is the second novel in her Blue Sky Cowboys series.

When Griff Bailey returns to his father’s ranch in Wyoming after a long deployment, he looks forward to a quiet Christmas, but those plans are dashed when he learns that his former lover, Riley James, has moved in. Although Riley vowed to stay away from just the kind of brusque and brooding man that she knows Griff to be, his battle scars lure her in and trigger her sympathy. As the broken pair struggles to coexist, Riley wants to be the one to heal Griff’s emotional wounds, and Griff must admit that he’s not entirely averse to her touch… but is there enough Christmas magic to help these two guarded people become vulnerable once again?

“Blue Sky Cowboy Christmas is an emotional, compelling story from a master of the genre. Joanne Kennedy’s sexy cowboy romances feature the rugged and lonely Wyoming range, where the nearest neighbors are miles away and the climate is brutal for man and beast. This beautiful and sensuous tale takes place at the holidays, when a lonely cowboy is more desperate than ever to connect with the woman of his dreams.”



7. Conventionally Yours




Annabeth Albert’s LGBTQIA+ romance novel, Conventionally Yours, is an Amazon Best Book of the year, a YA crossover that deals with themes of identity and self-acceptance, and a perfect read for gamers, convention goers and those enmeshed in the world of fandom.

Every serious gamer knows how important pure focus is in achieving a win. The popular Conrad Stewart, and the intellectual, seemingly perfect Alden Roth, won’t let anything distract them from the upcoming tournament at the Massive Odyssey Con West; certainly not an infamous gaming rivalry between one another. As the two opposites find themselves carpooling together toward the convention in Vegas where they’ll play in the most pinnacle competition of their lives, they realize that a possible connection between them is no game. However, Conrad and Alden both have something at stake at Odyssey Con and no amount of sparks will get in the way of their win, even if they must let go of something beautifully rare and unexpectedly meaningful.

“A True Colors LGBT Romance for fans of Red, White & Royal Blue and Geekerella set in the world of gaming, conventions, and fandom.”


8. The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever




Still haven’t reached your fill of cowboy romance novels? No problem. June Faver, famous for her Dark Horse Cowboys series, brings a new holiday treat to contemporary romance readers in The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever.

Angelique Guillory is a courageous survivor of violence and abuse, in search of a family she’s never known and a new life in Texas. When the attractive Derrick Shelton, the town sheriff and man who had previously pulled her car out of a ditch after skidding on ice, finds her at the Garrett ranch, the two strangers realize there may be something more to this coincidence. Angelique admires Derrick’s stand-up character, and Derrick wants to help Angelique heal from her trauma. As a woman on the run with her daughter, Angelique may not feel ready to let her guard down just yet, but with some Christmas magic and her new big-hearted Texan friends, perhaps Angelique can find her family, sanctuary from her past, and even love.

“When handsome town sheriff, Derrick Shelton, meets Angelique Guillory and her young daughter at the Garrett ranch, he is immediately drawn to the woman who seems to desperately need a true family Christmas. Determined to erase the shadows from her eyes, he decides to give her the best holiday she’s ever had.”


9. A Dash of Christmas




The New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Samantha Chase, has brought another tender holiday romance to her readers. Fans of The Christmas Cottage/ Ever After, and Mistletoe Between Friends/ The Snowflake Inn will find A Dash of Christmas to die for.

Even the most long nourished of rivalries can be mended by a dash of Christmas magic. Childhood nemeses, Carter Montgomery and Emery Monaghan, are forced to be civil as lifechanging circumstances bring the two together. Carter is a seasoned restaurateur who had gone against his family’s traditions when he pursued the culinary arts, but he realizes he’s ready for a career change. Emery is looking for a way out of her relationship after her fiancé had mixed her up in a scandal, and the two adversaries meet when Emery’s mentor, Eliza Montogomery, offers her a place to stay. Carter just so happens to reside there as well, and tensions flare, among other feelings.

“But all it takes is one Christmas kiss to turn these enemies into lovers ready for a little sweet forgiveness.”



10. Mistletoe & Mr. Right




Mistletoe & Mr. Right by award-winning author and RWA Golden Heart finalist, Sarah Morgenthaler, has written a fabulous romantic comedy- and second instalment of the Moose Springs, Alaska series- blending the thaw of Christmas love with a moose on the loose in her fictional town of Alaska. See why Sarah Morgan, the USA Today bestselling author of A Wedding in December, calls it “Fresh, fun and romantic.” 

When Lana Montgomery moves to Moose Springs, a town she’s been in love with since she was a child, she has a hard time winning the favor of the locals. Determined to earn their respect, Lana hatches a plan to stop the mischievous moose that has been destroying everyone’s Christmas decorations. But when she accidentally tranquillizes Rick Harding, a man that absolutely adores Lana, instead of the Santa Moose, Rick resorts to assisting her in her mission of winning over the town. And together, as they venture to save the town from utter moose havoc, Rick hopes to also win Lana’s heart in the process.

“Lana Montgomery is everything the quirky small town of Moose Springs, Alaska can’t stand: a rich socialite with dreams of changing things for the better. But Lana’s determined to prove that she belongs… even if it means trading her stilettos for snow boots and tracking one of the town’s hairiest Christmas mysteries: the Santa Moose, an antlered grinch hell-bent on destroying every bit of holiday cheer (and tinsel) it can sink its teeth into.”


11. Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight




Grace Burrowes, queen of regency romance, has written a heart-melting novel of secrets and loving sacrifice in Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight. A work for which USA Today Happy Ever After exclaims, “My Christmas wish for you is that Santa brings you this book… a joyful, sensual read.”

The reputation of Lady Louisa Windham, the most reserved and proper of the Duke of Moreland’s daughters, is in the hands of a fortune-hunting scoundrel threatening to reveal her identity as the author of the sensual poems she wrote on a past dare by her brother. As she races to destroy all copies before her pseudonym is exposed and her honor devastated, family friend, Sir Joseph Carrington, offers her his hand in marriage.

“As he courts Louisa with gentleness and gallantry, she finds in him a man perceptive enough to discern her hidden creative heart. They begin to realize their match may be the best Christmas gift either could imagine. But Sir Joseph has a secret of his own….”


12. 12 Men for Christmas




To top off this list of twelve books to make your heart swoon, we have something even better than the traditional “twelve days of Christmas.” Phillipa Ashley has brought romance fiends a hilariously bold holiday novel, 12 Men for Christmas, (previously Dating Mr. December); a work that won her the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Award, and has become an annually running Lifetime TV movie starring Kristin Chenoweth!

Emma Tremayne leaves her PR job in London after she loses everything; her boyfriend, her job, and her future plans all must be rearranged as she moves to the Lake District for a new start and a calendar campaign that’ll knock more than some Christmas enthusiasts’ socks off. In fact, all inhibitions and clothes can be cast aside, as she’s asking a group of gruff firemen to pose nude for each month of the year in order to keep their firehouse afloat. But, as the project is underway, the community is up in arms about such a scandalous fundraiser, and constant conflict is aflame between her and the fireman posing as Santa, Will Tennant. However, heated disagreements aren’t the only things adding spice to their relationship.

“Ashley’s fun contemporary romance is crafted with humor, a sexy premise, and the intriguing backdrop of the picturesque Lake District.” – Booklist



There you have it! Your comprehensive list of romance books to make your heart swoon. Grab any of these sultry romance novels, get comfy with a snuggly blanket or cup of tea, and get prepared for a suspenseful reading session that you won’t want to end until you’ve finished every last steamy page.

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