5 Beach Reads for Your Memorial Day Staycation

These lighthearted reads will make you laugh out loud, and maybe even transport you to your dream destination!

Memorial Day beach reads

In the pre-pandemic world, Memorial Day marked the beginning of summer, often celebrated with crowded barbecues and trips to the beach. This year, you’ve probably opted for a staycation instead. That’s okay though, because we’ve got five beach reads for you to check out–so dust off your beach chairs and get tanning in your backyard! These lighthearted reads will make you laugh out loud, and maybe even transport you to your dream destination!

1. The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot


Meg Cabot the boy next door

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While having nothing to do with the beach, Meg Cabot’s The Boy Next Door is told entirely through emails and text messages, making it the perfect book to bang out in a couple of hours while working on your backyard tan.

Hilarious and fast-paced, this contemporary novel follows gossip columnist Mel Fuller after she discovers her elderly neighbor lying face-down in her apartment after being attacked. With her neighbor in the hospital, Mel must track down the woman’s nephew, though when she does, he’s not what she expects.

With memorable side characters, a feud with The New York Journal’s HR, and a unique format, The Boy Next Door will have you laughing along to the very end!



2. The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen


the rest of the story

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If you prefer YA and a summer setting, Sarah Dessen’s latest novel is the one for you.

When Emma Saylor spends the summer with her late mother’s side of the family at North Lake, she must reconnect with her family’s past while struggling to find herself between two worlds–her father’s richer roots in Lake North and her mother’s in working class North Lake. It’s here she meets Roo, her childhood best friend, who helps her understand the past while reconnecting with the people in her present.

Dessen takes a look at family relations, identity, and the past in The Rest of the Story, with a lake backdrop you’ll long for.

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella


Confessions of a shopaholic

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Becky Bloomwood has expensive taste and a shopping addiction–but not the salary to fund it. Chased by letters from the bank, Becky must learn to get her shopaholic tendencies in check and find some way to pay back her debt.

You’ve probably seen the 2009 movie adaptation, but like the saying goes, the book is always better! Sophie Kinsella has a way with words, especially when it comes to making you laugh. The lengths Becky goes to both shop her heart out and avoid the bank are outlandishly hilarious (maybe even a bit relatable?), making you wonder just how exactly she’s going to get out of this one. If you’re looking for a laugh and a (vicarious) shopping spree, check Confessions of a Shopaholic out!



4. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren


the unhoneymooners

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Where are our hate-to-love fans? This one’s for you.

When an entire wedding party gets food poisoning, except the bride’s sister Olive and best man Ethan, the bride and groom’s honeymoon is suddenly up for grabs. Although sworn enemies, Olive and Ethan agree to a truce–if only so they can both embark on the honeymoon vacation of a lifetime. The only catch? They have to play the part of newlyweds, though suddenly pretending to like each other doesn’t seem so hard after all.

Featuring a blissful trip to Maui, this is the perfect book to forget your worries and envision yourself in the middle of. Coronavirus who?

5. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


We were liars

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Although YA, anyone will love the twists and turns of We Were Liars. This is one of those books where it’s best to dive straight in without really knowing what it’s about, but we’ll give you a very vague idea of what to expect: family, a group of friends, a private island, and mystery surrounding the past. 

With beautiful writing, E. Lockhart will make you crave more as you begin to put together the pieces of the past. This is the kind of book you’ll eagerly devour in a single sitting, perfect for your backyard staycation!

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