7 of Twitter’s Best Reactions to Mr. Ratburn’s Gay Wedding

Twitter fell apart when ‘Arthur’s Mr. Ratburn walked down the aisle with another male character. Here are the highlights.

In case you missed it, popular children’s cartoon series Arthur‘s latest season kicked off this week with an unexpected but not unwanted twist: Mr. Ratburn, a third-grade teacher and rat, marries a man — er, a male aardvark, that is. Arthur and his classmates celebrate as the rat and his betrothed, the aforementioned aardvark named Patrick, walk down the aisle hand-in-hand. Since the news has left audiences reeling — mostly because they are surprised the show is still running — we’ve compiled some of the best Twitter reactions to Mr. Ratburn’s coming out party.

1. Mr. Ratburn is #CoupleGoals because he doesn’t spam your feed



2. A hypothesis for writers and beta readers to explore in coming episodes:




3. What we’ve all been thinking:



4. The Onion uncovers a plot twist to blow your mind



5. Quick throwback to the classic theme.



6. This linguistic hack:



7.  Interspecies couples deserve fan art too.