8 Best Books of Fall by Women

It’s fall and we’re celebrating some of the best books written by women. In this round-up, you’ll find all sorts of great reads, from rom-com and mystery, historical fiction to thriller.

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It’s fall and we’re celebrating some of the best books written by women. In this round-up, you’ll find all sorts of great reads, from rom-com and mystery, historical fiction to thriller. So cozy on up with your favorite sweater and warm drink and take a look at these best books of fall by women!

Simmer Down by Sarah Smith


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You’ll enjoy this foodie rom-com as Nikki DiMarco and Callum James come face to face on the beaches of Maui. Food truck owners, each are competing in the Maui food truck scene and Callum has just set up shop by Nikki, stealing business. As the competition heats up, they decide they will both enter the Maui Food Festival – winner gets to stay, loser has to leave the beach. When their rivalry starts to thaw into something a bit cooler, the two foodies might need to call a truce.



When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole


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In this gripping thriller, gentrification takes on a whole new meaning when Sydney Green’s Brooklyn neighborhood begins to change. Not only are condos being built and FOR SALE signs are popping up, but people Sydney has known her whole life are disappearing. Sydney and new neighbor Theo team up to get to the bottom of these mysterious new changes.

Chasing North Star by Heidi McCrary


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A found journal from a German orphan will connect the finder of the diary and the writer in this story that starts in 1940 Germany and moves to 1970 America. Long buried secrets are unveiled when the story of these two girls collide one Christmas.


The Cul-De-Sac War by Melissa Ferguson


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When Bree Leake’s parents ask her to stay in Abingdon, Virginia for a full year, they promise she will inherit her grandmother’s home. But when her new neighbor, Chip McBride, starts to make her life miserable, she hatches a plan to get him to move. An all-out cul-de-sac war begins, complete with pranks to get the other to move. Will Bree’s plan backfire? As the two fight fire with fire, sparks may fly that might turn their rivalry into a heartwarming romance.


Judge’s Girls by Sharina Harris


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When Judge Joseph Donaldson dies, three women’s lives are greatly affected. There are provisions in the will that require his daughter, his second wife, and his stepdaughter to live together at the family lake house. If they can keep the peace, they will reap the rewards. It won’t be as easy as it seems though, as life mistakes and secrets start getting in the way.


Goodbye, Orchid by Carol Van Den Hende


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When Phoenix and Orchid say goodbye at the airport, neither realizes what’s ahead of them, and no one can predict the disaster that’s about to occur. Phoenix wakes up in the hospital, changed forever. As he deals with his new normal, he struggles with the decision to let Orchid go, or burden her forever, knowing that her traumatizing past will make it difficult for them to be together.


Toward that Which is Beautiful by Marian O’Shea Wernicke


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In 1964 in Peru, Sister Mary Katherine leaves her convent, no money and no destination, just knowing she had to go, frightened of her feelings for an Irish priest. On this eight-day journey through Peru, she will come in contact with many people, some who befriend her. This physical journey for Mary Katherine becomes an internal quest as well – to discover who she is and what type of life she is meant to have.



Memories in the Drift by Melissa Payne


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Claire Hines is dealing with a lot. She lost her unborn child and her short-term memory ten years ago, and while her father supports her now, each day is difficult. When her estranged mother shows up, and her ex-boyfriend (the one who broke her heart), she’ll have a chance at healing and forgiving. Claire might even be able to recreate the person she once was.

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