Exciting New YA Novels You Can’t Miss

These new YA releases are perfect for anybody’s TBR – Young Adult or not!

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The best part about a new week is all the new books that you can add your TBR pile. Who doesn’t love a TBR pile that never ends? Rather, who has one that actually ends, right? These five new Young Adult novels are some fantastic reads with fun loving stories to brighten up your week.


1. You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson

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You Should See Me in a Crown tells the story of Liz Lighty, who wants nothing more than to attend Pennington College. Unfortunately, her financial aid falls through, and the only shot she has to go to the college of her dreams is to win a scholarship. However, in order to obtain the scholarship you have to be Prom King or Queen. Liz would rather eat dirt than subject herself to prom Queen torture, but in order to get into her dream school, she must do what she can. The only bright side of all this is that Mack, the new girl in school, is very smart, funny and as much of an outsider as Liz is. Unfortunately, Mack is also running for Prom Queen and Liz might just be falling for her. Will that stop Liz from making her college dreams come true?



2. Love, Creekwood by Becky Albertali


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Love, Creekwood is about Simon (of Simon and the Homosapien Agenda) and his friends navigating their first year of college. It’s already been more than a year since Simon and Blue became a real relationship and just a few months since Leah and Abby became something. Now, the friends are in college, and keeping in touch through email, in the hopes of keeping their friendship and romances alive.


3. I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee


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I’ll Be the One tells the story of Skye Shin, who wants nothing more than to join the world of K-POP. Unfortunately, society and her mom don’t think she should dance or wear bright colors because she’s overweight. However, she’s ready to break all the ‘rules’ by entering a televised competition that’s looking for the next K-POP star. When she nails her audition, Skye is thrust into the whirlwind of reality television, with shocking performances, tons of practice and lots of drama. Although, the fat-phobic beauty standards that come with being a K-POP star is something she wasn’t ready for, along with all of the media attention she’s getting. Then, she begins to fall for her competitor, Henry Cho. Skye wants nothing more than to be the first plus-sized K-POP star but can she do that without losing herself?



4. The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Symth


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The Falling in Love Montage tells the story of Saoirse, a teenage girl who doesn’t believe in happy endings. Saoirse’s mom has early onset dementia, and now she lives in fear that she may inherit it one day as well, and that’s enough for her to keep relationships at arm’s length. Until she goes to a party and meets a girl, Ruby,  that she might be willing to break all her rules for. Ruby doesn’t care about Saoirse’s rulebook, all she wants from Saoirse is a summer of fun, like in the romantic comedies. Come fall, their summer of love can come to an end, but does love only really last for a season? One thing these two didn’t consider is what happens when they actually fall in love.


5. You Say it First by Katie Cotugo


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You Say It First, tells the story of two teens, Colby and Meg. Meg has the perfect life; a supportive boyfriend, a best friend who is going to Cornell with her in the fall, and a great job phone banking at a voter registration call center. However, one of the phone calls she answers says something cruel enough to get under her skin. That just so happpened to be Colby on the other end of that phone. Colby is dealing with a lot, he doesn’t know where his future is going, he suffered a family tragedy and he hates his job. The last thing he wants to deal with is a privileged rich girl preaching about politics, so he calls and says the worst thing he could evey say and then hangs up. However, that wasn’t the last time those two speak, that was just the first encounter, and one that leads to a lot of heated, candid,  and surprising conversations that spark a long-distance friendship and eventually something more. These two form a great connection but are they too different to make it actually work?



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