Five Contemporary Romance Books to Binge-Read This Weekend

If you’re a fan of romance novels and you’re looking for your next obsession, make sure not to miss this precious list of must-reads! Rife with drama, action, intrigue and sentimentality, this swoon-worthy collection has it all.

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If you’re a fan of romance novels and you’re looking for your next obsession, make sure not to miss this precious list of must-reads! Rife with drama, action, intrigue and sentimentality, this swoon-worthy collection has it all.

As book lovers ourselves, we know that sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up with a pile of good books, a strong pot of coffee, and a long free weekend to get lost in love-filled literature. With these five contemporary romance novels, you can do just that. Binge-read to your heart’s content and fall in love with these charming recommendations.


Changing the Rules by Catherine Bybee
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1. Changing the Rules

Claire Kelly is a fiercely strong young woman, an expert in arms training and hand-to-hand combat—as a result of her military-style high school career in Germany. Now, in California, she’s working for MacBain Security Solutions and craves the adrenaline of high-risk situations; something she doesn’t experience quite enough while working security detail for rich cocktail parties. All of that changes, however, when Cooper, a previous love interest, returns to the team after six years in Europe.

After Cooper had spent his time away trying to forget his feelings for Claire, the fire between them returns hotter than ever when the two are given a shared assignment. They are to infiltrate a local high school involved in human trafficking and expose the leader of an operation that recruits young girls into prostitution. As they go undercover and draw nearer to the truth, they also grow closer to one another. Tender feelings are revealed as the sensitive situation they’re investigating begins to unravel. And, the secrets that they’re determined to uncover put them in as much danger as their own vulnerable hearts.

Changing the Rules is the first novel in Catherine Bybee’s new Richter series. You can read more about this debut novel here.


Fool Me Once Catherine Bybee
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2. Fool Me Once

The Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Fool Me Once, is the introductory novel in the First Wives series.

When Lori Cumberland- a disenchanted divorce attorney with a recent divorce of her own- decides to join a celebrity cruise with other divorced individuals, the last thing on her mind is going through the rodeo again. Dating, marriage, and what comes next—well she’s an expert in that area. Her personal motto is “Love is grand, but divorce is a hundred grand.” So, when Lori hops aboard a vacation where she intends to forget all of that— soaking up the sun and fun times with new friends—she’s thrown for a loop when she meets Reed Barlow.

Reed knows how to win over a woman, and that’s exactly what he’s there to do. Although Lori is determined not to fall for anyone, invariably falling into what she believes to be a pit of despair and debt, Reed’s smile and charisma sets her heart racing. But Reed has some reservations of his own as well. As a private investigator, he is resolute in never getting attached to anyone during his assignments. Though, as he continues his inquiry, he realizes that he’s remiss to put Lori in danger. If Reed tells her the truth, he will sabotage the investigation and reveal his involvement. But the more he gets to know Lori, he realizes that losing everything he thought he wanted may just be the price for love.


Wife by Wednesday Catherine Bybee
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3. Wife by Wednesday

Blake Harrison has what every man wants. He’s rich, handsome and important. But, what about what Blake wants—or needs, rather? In dire need of a wife by Wednesday, Blake turns to a businessman, Sam Elliot. But, he’s surprised to find that the entrepreneur is a woman. Samantha Elliot, a gorgeous female who’s anything but the typical house-wife, is the owner of a matchmaking firm. But Blake doesn’t have time for the process. Instead, he offers Samantha tell million dollars for a one year marriage contract. And Samantha, with her fiery attitude and ample faith in her professionalism, accepts. At first, the deal is a convenient way for Sam to pay her family’s medical bills. However, as she settles more and more into the role of Mrs. Harrison, and grows weary of fighting her attraction to Blake, the terms of the contract may just be extended.

Wife by Wednesday is a New York TimesUSA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling novel. This first installment of Catherine Bybee’s Weekday Brides series takes the “marriage of convenience turned to true love” trope and instills it with freshness and genuine affection.


My way to You Catherine Bybee
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4. My Way to You

My Way to You is book one of the Creek Canyon series by the New York Times bestselling author, Catherine Bybee.

After a wildfire ravages through Parker Sinclair’s family home, she feels as though the last straw has been dealt in a life of tragedies. Her parents’ unexpected deaths forced her to drop out of college and maintain the family property while raising her younger brother and sister. Following that life-changing altercation, the wildfire apparently wasn’t enough bad luck; a mudslide now threatens to destroy everything Parker has been holding together for two long, selfless years.

Colin Hudson, a public works supervisor, arrives in effort to assist Parker with her property and protect her family from further danger. However, Parker is used to handling tough things on her own—a little too used to it for her own good—and she isn’t willing to let Colin into her already crumbling life. Even if only to lend a hand. Although Parker is stubborn and difficult to work with, Colin also recognizes her resilience, her ambition and, of course, he can’t deny his attraction to the hardworking young woman. Can Colin get through all the defenses that Parker had put in place to keep her life afloat? And, more than anything, can he convince her that together there is beauty to be built from the ashes of her old life?


Doing it Over Catherine Bybee
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5. Doing it Over

Doing it Over is the first book of Catherine Bybee’s The Most Likely To series.

Melanie Bartlett was voted “most likely to succeed” in high-school but she is disappointed in how her life has turned out. Now, as a single mother, she’s looking back at the promise she’d had when she was young and she wants a do-over. Even so, she surprises herself when she ends up back in River Bend, the small town she’d called home when growing up. But she’s not alone. Her daughter and her trusty best friends, Jo and Zoe, are there with her, giving Mel a sense determination that she hasn’t experienced in a long time. Taking up residence in a quaint room in Miss Gina’s bed-and-breakfast, Mel believes she can start anew in River Bend; the do-over her soul craves.

However, just as Mel settles into her new routine, a strong, sexy builder named Wyatt Gibson shakes up her newfound plans. And, in the midst of all of the changes Mel faces, Wyatt seems to be the rock in her own personal storm. But is Wyatt’s stability everything it seems? Can Mel take a chance on a new love as well as a new life? She may just find that her ambition and his sense of calm, together, can be everything she’s ever wanted for her family.


Sit back, relax and swoon with these five lovely contemporary romance novels! You can also learn more about Bybee’s romance collection here.

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