Five Things We’re Dreaming Of Seeing In Marvel’s ‘Wandavision’

Although this pandemic has delayed amazing content like Disney Plus’ ‘WandaVision’; all this extra time allows us to dream up what we’re itching to see!

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The birth of Disney Plus has ushered us into a new era of streaming and original content. During their promotions, one of Disney’s most exciting claims was: original Marvel content. So when it was announced that WandaVision was heading to Disney Plus, I fangirled. A show with both Scarlet Witch and Vision scheduled for this year? It sounded too good to be true. Then this horrible pandemic hit; forcing Marvel to re-strategize and reschedule many of their upcoming releases. Although WandaVision’s December release date is up in the air; we can still daydream and list what we want to see. In the meantime, can someone send my list to Kevin Feige? 


Return of Quicksilver


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If you ask the average DC fan their biggest complaint with Marvel, most likely they’ll tell you: Marvel kills off interesting characters too quickly. It pains me to do this, but I might have to somewhat agree (please don’t revoke my Disney Plus membership). Whether it be characters like Killmonger or Hela, these complex characters die too quickly; so I was saddened when Quicksilver died in Avengers Age of Ultron. However, can WandaVision offer a solution? Since this show teases alternate realities, we see Wanda and Vision placed in various sitcoms throughout the various eras; isn’t it possible for Pietro to make a cameo? Wanda’s heart broke when she lost her brother; if they could reunite, even for one episode that would be amazing! Plus seeing Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a win win.



Wanda’s Powers On Full Display


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Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU; top three no question. With every Marvel movie you see glimpses of what she’s capable of, but it’s just that: a peek. It’s only with Infinity War and Endgame that fans start to slowly see the scope of her powers. I’d love for the show to shine light on Wanda’s powers; unlike a packed Avengers movie, a show will allow the time to focus on Wanda’s gifts. Gifts such as telekinesis, psychic defenses, chaos magic, mental manipulation, energy blasts and resurrection. Does she resurrect Vision (again)? Is she the one creating these alternate realities? The possibilities are endless!


A Visit From the Doctor


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When news broke about Scarlet Witch joining Doctor Strange in his sequel movie, there were two groups of people: the first group who wept happily and the second who scratched their heads in confusion. It’s not hard to guess what group I’m in. Even though I’m ecstatic for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, I can understand why some people might be lost. Doctor Strange and Wanda never even said two words to each other in the films. I’m hoping that this show will fix that; hopefully show creators will start to lay down the foundation of their bond. Their powers are very similar and both are incredibly powerful; their bond is especially crucial since it’s Strange’s and Wanda’s magic that produces her twins with Vision. Can someone call Benedict Cumberbatch?



Double Trouble


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While the masses were eating their weight in chicken wings on Superbowl Sunday, Disney Plus gifted us with a teaser of WandaVision and their two other upcoming original Marvel shows. It’s there we caught glimpses of Wanda and Vision twins! Even though the cat is out of the bag, I’m salivating for scenes of William and Thomas (a.k.a. Wiccan and Speed). Since the basis of the show deals with alternate realities, I hope we can see the boys in various ages. Babies are cute and all, but if we could get a taste of preteen Wiccan and Speed this could really lay down the groundwork for Marvel’s Young Avengers which is rumored to be coming to Disney Plus in 2021. A girl can dream right?



A Perfect Balance


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All of my previous wishes have been to leading to this one. Another Marvel complaint that keeps resurfacing is the lack of balance; we’re all jokes and memes or we can never be serious. I swear I’m not a DC spy. I think it’s imperative for Marvel to master a perfect balance of humor and darkness for WandaVision. Scarlet Witch’s life has been riddled with mature themes, trauma and obstacles; some of these things can’t be sugar coated with memes. Whether it be losing her sons, her sanity or even ultimately her marriage; you can’t tell the tale of Scarlet Witch and Vision without the dark parts. Netflix’s Russian Doll is perfect blend of humor, darkness and reality trip; I hope WandaVision’s Matt Shakman could be inspired by it. Leslye Headland is doing a female based Star Wars show, so who knows maybe she could swing on by!  All in all, fans are eager to see Wanda and Vision’s highs and lows.

I’m already proud of, and ecstatic for, the direction this show is heading towards; it’s a new one for Marvel! I can’t wait to binge-watch all the episodes! What are you dying to see in WandaVision?

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