Must Read Thriller Novels

It’s the best time of the week again! Here is your weekly guide to five new amazing thrillers that are just too good to pass up.

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It’s the best time of the week again! Here is your weekly guide to five new amazing thrillers that are just too good to pass up. Hurry up and add these titles to your TBR because these books are full of so many twists and turns you won’t know which way you’re going.


1. The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins


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The Wife Upstairs, tells the story of Jane who just moved to Birmingham, Alabama. She walks dogs in the gated community Thornfield Estates. There Jane can snatch anything off the table and no one will ask her real name. Then, she meets Eddie Rochester, who is recently widowed after his wife, Bea and her best friend drowned in a boating accident. Eddie is super handsome and he’s able to offer Jane the protection she needs, but Jane isn’t sure she can match up to Bea, who had her own rags to riches story. Will she be able to impress Eddie before her past, or his, catch up to her?


2. Girl A by Abigail Dean


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Girl A, tells the story of Lexie Grace, who doesn’t want to think about her past. She managed to escape the house of horrors she grew up in, taking her siblings with her. Her mom is in jail and her dad never managed to escape the house. However, when her mom dies in jail, leaving Lexie the house and her siblings, she has no choice but to confront her past. Lexie helps all of her siblings and they all must come to terms with the past and who is still clinging to it.


3. People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd


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People Like Her tells the story of ‘tell it like it is’ Instamum Emmy Jackson. To her husband, she is the breadwinner who knows how to handle family life. However, Emmy has a follower who is obsessed with her. He believes she doesn’t deserve anything she has, and as her marriage starts to have trouble, the stalker begins to circle in on Emmy.


4. If  I Disappear by Eliza Jane Brazier


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If I Disappear tells the story of true-crime podcast lover Sera. Sera feels empowered when she listens to her podcasts because the women in them, that disappear daily, are just like her. Then, When Sera’s favorite podcaster, Rachel, goes missing, Sera is determined to find her. To start her search Sera uses hidden clues in Rachel’s podcasts that lead her to a ranch. However, the more Sera digs into the case, the more off she begins to feel. Soon Sera learns that Rachel isn’t the first person to disappear from the ranch and she won’t be the last. Rachel did try to warn her.


5. Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner


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Before She Disappeared, tells the story of recovering alcoholic Frankie Elkin. Frankie spends her life searching for missing people everyone else stopped looking for. Her newest case takes her to a Boston neighborhood to look for Angelique Badeu, a Haitian teenager that disappeared from her high school. The police and Angelique’s family aren’t any help, and she soon learns the questions she’s asking are ones no one wants to be answered. That won’t stop Frankie as she is determined to find Angelique, even if it means she could be next to go missing.



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