Start Your Next Adventure With These New Fantasy Novels

These five new fantasy novels are so amazing you won’t be able to put them down. So, make sure you make time in your week to snuggle up with these books.

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Welcome to your weekly guide to your new favorite books! These five new fantasy novels are so amazing you won’t be able to put them down, so make sure you make time in your week to snuggle up with these books!


A Sky Behind the Storm by Sabaa Tahir


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A Sky Beyond the Storm is book number four in the series. Now the jinn that were imprisoned are attacking the city and the Nightbringer has Commandant Keris is by his side to bring vengeance to the humans who are their foes. Keris wants the head of anyone who defies them. Lala has now aligned herself with the Blood Shrike and she is determined to stop the apocalypse. Her goal is to destroy the Nightbringer, and while working to destroy him she discovers a new power that could work in her favor or destroy her. The Soul Catcher must do what it takes to save the world.

2. Fairy Godmother’s Inc. by Saranna DeWylde


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Fairy Godmothers Inc. is about a town called Ever After in Missouri, where three fairies, Petunia, Jonquill and Bluebonnet, are residents. The three godmothers ask Lucky Fujiki, to promote the town of Ever After by faking a marriage to an ex-lover, Ransom Payne. While Ransom has spent years trying to build up his reputation when he is asked to partake in this fake wedding. Ransom and Lucky would rather forget about each other but they can’t say no to the godmothers. Maybe this wedding will help them fall in love with each other again.

3. A Universe of Wishes: A We Need Diverse Books Anthology by Dhonielle Clayton


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A Universe of Wishes is an anthology series featuring fifteen authors that each tell their own short story. From a princess who doesn’t need a prince, to a misunderstood monster, to voices that won’t stay silent. This is the fourth installment in the We Need Diverse Books collaboration.

4. The Thirteenth Fairy by Melissa De La Cruz


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Never After tells the story of bummed Filmomena Jefferson-Cho who lives in Pasadena, where nothing ever happens. Until one day, when she is walking home from school and she sees Jack Stalker, from her favorite book series, The Thirteenth Fairy, following her. Filomena thinks she’s dreaming, but Jack insists that he’s real. Soon enough, Filomena is thrust into a world of fairies, princesses, and sorcerers. It is Filomena’s job to stop the evil queen from destroying the fairy tribe. She has to find the truth behind the fairytales and set the world right, or else a cycle of sleep and destruction will take over.

5. A Curses of Roses by Diana Pingucha


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A Curse of Roses tells the story of Princess Yzabel, who is trying to eat, but every time she tries her food is turned into flowers. Not only is she on the verge of starving, but the people of Portugal are suffering too. If only she can come up with a way to turn flowers into food. The only one who can help is Fatyan, but she is trapped by magical binds, however Yzabel can free her with a kiss. Unfortunately, Yzabel is already betrothed to the King of Portugal and kissing Fatyan can mean treason. But without Fatyan’s help, Yzabel will starve to death, so Yzbel kisses Fatyan setting her free. Now Fatyan wants more. Fatyan was supposed to help her but now being in love with her could destroy her.


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