The Best and Worst Young Adult Couples of All Time

Even though Valentine’s day is over, romance is still in the air this month. So, I have given you five of the best and five of the worst YA literary couples of all time to help you pick the right book to satisfy all your romantic needs!

Book nerds, prepare yourself. Just because Valentine’s day is over does not mean that the pink and red-hued holiday is suddenly forgotten. People are still eating a disgusting amount of chocolate, pampering their gifted roses, and spending their free time cuddled up with their significant other under a string of scarlet paper hearts they still have not gotten the time to take down.

With that said, romance is still in the air this month, and, let’s be honest, love never goes out of style. That is why I have given you five of the best and five of the worst young adult literary couple of all time to help you pick the right book to satisfy all your romantic needs this month and in the preceding days to come.



worst couple award: Ron and Hermione




Harry Potter, the timeless series that has broken and, simultaneously, healed our hearts in the same consecutive beat. With its unbelievable strong-willed characters, this series has made me a better person, and I will always thank J.K Rowling for bringing these individuals like Harry, Ron, and Hermione into my life.

Even though Harry Potter is a series that stands proudly on my bookshelf surrounded by an array of wizarding world merchandise, it is not a book with a good romance. Take Ron and Hermione, for example. They are just not a good match. Ron always has had Hermione’s back, but some of the comments he has made to her face are not very kind throughout the books. Hermione is not innocent either and has done to same, making snide remarks at Ron in return. I do not know how they ended up together amid their bantering and trying to save the world, but they did, sadly. To me, they should have just stayed friend, and even J.K Rowling agrees with me, saying she questions pairing up the two of the Golden Trio’s members.

All in all, if you are looking for a romance or to read about a couple that is the perfect match for each other, do not consider Harry Potter. I would recommend this book in any other circumstance except this one. Harry Potter does not have a romantic bone in its spine and will not make you want to fall in love this February.


best couple award: Lara Jean and peter




If you want to read about an adorable couple that will literally make you squeal, then look no further. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’s Lara Jean and Peter are who you have been searching for. At the beginning of the series, Peter is an arrogant guy. He’s the tough jock that has a reputation to uphold. However, when Peter gets with Lara Jean, she melts his hard exterior, and readers watch as Peter turns into grade A boyfriend material.

In the end, Lara Jean and Peter are a match made in heaven for each other. Peter is patient with Lara Jean’s shyness, and Lara Jean pours her heart and soul into their relationship, making it flourish. If any couple deserves to be on this list, it’s Lara Jean and Peter. They truly are the real deal.


worst couple award: Feyre and Tamlin




Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series is a beautifully written “Beauty and the Beast” retelling, revolving around the hauntingly powerful and charming Fae. The series, although gripping and heart-stopping, does not have a compatible initial paring. Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship is complicated, borderline abusive, and destined to fail the second Tamlin swiped Feyre from the human lands as punishment for killing one of his Fae brethren. To be blunt, Tamlin is just controlling of Feyre. He dictates her every move, has to have in his eyesight at all times, and gets jealous quickly. In return, Feyre cannot trust Tamlin, and she finds herself keeping secrets from him.

Overall, I am glad this paring withered and died after the first book in Maas’ series. It was painful to watch these two try to coexist and I just wanted to vomit every time they tried to show affection to each other. I am just glad Feyre found a new man, one that checks all of her boxes. She and Rhysand are seriously a great couple and I cannot wait to see their relationship develop more in the future now that Tamlin is out of the picture. 



best couple award: Tris and four


'Divergent' by Veronica Roth


Okay, let us talk about a couple that would die for each other – Tris and Four from Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy. Now, these two had kind of a mentor/mentee relationship before they got together in the dystopian city of Chicago and I would say they were far from being friends at the beginning of their journey together. Four was a little gruff with Tris when they first made each other’s acquaintance after Tris join the faction Dauntless. It seemed that he was trying to hide his feelings from the younger girl by how he treated her and wanted to keep everything strictly platonic between them. As the stakes in the first book begin to rise, however, Four can’t hide his feelings any longer and vows to protect Tris at all cost as dark forces threaten to destroy their city’s people and their faction.

Nevertheless, when the two of these young adults finally get together, it is like fireworks go off. They are just made for each other. They both fight for what they believe and vow to keep the people they love safe from harm. They are also compassionate, consider others’ lives amid the growing war, and feel guilt when things do not go their way. Tris and Four truly work together and take each other’s feelings and thoughts into consideration before charging into battle. They truly deserve a couple of the year award, folks.


Worst couple award: Katniss and Peeta




Alright, I know this is going to be a controversial one, but next is Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games. The lovebirds from District Twelve make the worst couples list because there is just no chemistry between them. The entire reason Katniss got with Peeta in the first place was to survive inside the arena. Everything between them was a facade for the longest time before the two of them caught feelings for each other. In my opinion, they should have stayed friends.

Now, just because I say this does not mean that I ship Katniss with Gale. Katniss needs to stay friends with him too. To be blunt, Katniss needs to find someone, not in a life or death situation. With that said, I know Katniss and Peeta have history, and Peeta saved Katniss’ life back in the day, but they are better off as life-long buddies. I’m sorry, but every kiss between them makes me cringe and I do not get heart eyes when Katniss and Peeta are mentioned. They are not right for each other, end of story.


best couple award: Alec and Magnus




Thanks to its genius author, Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series is brimming with romance. There are literally couples everywhere in these young adult fantasy books and each couple seems to be a good match for each other in some way, shape, or form. Nevertheless, one couple reigns supremacy over all of the other romantic pairings in this tantalizing series, and that is Alec and Magnus.

Now, Alec and Magnus are complete opposites. Alec is a mortal Shadowhunter, while Magnus is an immortal warlock. Alec is also shy, gets jealous easily, and does not know how to express his feelings, while Magnus is flamboyant, outgoing, and speaks his mind. Some people would think this couple would be destined to fail because of these factors, but opposites attract, and their relationship is strong. Sure, they bicker with each other once and a while, however, it is usually about how the other is being reckless and putting their life on the line for the other.

Throughout the course of this series, Alec and Magnus’s relationship has been tested yet every trial and tribulation they have faced has only made them stronger. They are destined to last, even if Magnus remains young while Alec grows old. They will not leave each other’s side, no matter what. Only death will separate these two in the foreseeable future and that’s a fact.



worst couple award: wade and Samantha




Wade and Samantha are a couple that met online in the OASIS, a virtual immerse gaming experience that has redesigned our world’s future. They started as rivals, each searching for easter eggs inside the OASIS that would lead them to a life of luxury and unlimited funds, and then they became friends. They decided to take on the hunt together and split the fortune that would be given to them if they won. Of course, after that, they became lovers, and that is when things started to go downhill in the Ready Player One duology.

On paper, the two gamers’ love story sounds like one for the books. They managed to save the world at each other’s side after winning the virtual grand prize and taking control of the OASIS. They fought valent battles together with their avatars and saved each other countless times inside their virtual haven before falling in love. I know this sounds epic, but the only problem is that they have nothing in common despite all the great moments they spent together inside the game. Yes, I know Alec and Mangus are completely different, and their relationship is thriving, but Wade and Samantha are a different story. They have completely different morals and how they want to live their life. They are moving in opposite directions. Samantha wants to go out and save the world with the money she won in the OASIS, while Wade is content with sitting back and watching the flowers grow. Their love story is just too complicated to get behind, and their disagreement in everything to do with life makes me wish these two would have stayed friends.


best couple award: Hazel and Gus


'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green


For a relationship to flourish, couples need to understand and trust each other implicitly. If a couple does not understand how the other ticks or knows that their significant other will catch them if they fall, their relationship is doomed. Now, Hazel and Gus from The Fault in Our Stars do not have a problem understanding each other’s struggles, nor do they not trust each other. Both teens in this gut-wrenching novel have cancer. They understand what the other is going through, the trials and tribulations that come with having cancer, and know that their counterpart will have the others’ back when things turn grim.

In the end, these two teens did not predict falling in love with each other, but they do, hard and fast. They start as a support system for each other, and when they become a couple later on in the book’s pages, their support system stays. They truly are among the best young adult couples because they are the perfect example of a healthy relationship. Most adults cannot find it in them to support the significant other or trust them. Despite everything Hazel and Gus go through daily, they are there for each other and hold each other’s hand through hell and high water.


Worst couple award: rose and Adrian




Like Ron and Hermione, Katniss and Peeta, and Wade and Samantha, Rose and Adrian from Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy should have just stayed friends. The vampire and half-vampire got together after Rose could no longer be with her boyfriend, Dimitri. Of course, Adrian, who had been lusting after Rose since the first time he saw her, took the opportunity to ask her out once Dimitri was out of the picture, and Rose obviously said yes. However, there is a catch. Rose only got with Adrian, in the beginning, to use him to help find Dimitri, who, after getting turned into a Strigoi, vanished. Rose did eventually catch feelings for Adrian, but throughout their relationship, she still had lingering feelings for Dimitri.

It is pretty evident that this relationship, like Feyre and Tamlin’s, did not last. With Rose’s head clouded continuously by thoughts of Dimitri, it was hard for this relationship to function normally. With that said, watching Rose and Adrian try to act romantic was painful. In all honesty, I felt terrible for Adrian for getting strung along by Rose. He was not a perfect cookie-cutter boyfriend, but he still had real feelings for Rose, and she crushed his heart into the palm of her hand. They should have never gotten together in the first place. They were great friends, and now their friendship is ruined just because they tried to light a fire without the proper equipment.


Best couple award: Eleanor and Park


Rainbow Rowell's 'Eleanor and Park'


When it comes down to it, first relationships fail. We fall in love quickly as Cupid’s arrow hits us, and we get excited over the idea of first kisses and someone to hold your hand and be by your side through thick and thin. Since the possibility of love usually fogs our minds, it is hard to see what is right in front of us. It has happened to me and many others on this earth where our first love is not our perfect match.

In Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park, however, this is not the case. Eleanor and Park fall for each other slowly. They get to know each other before diving right into love, and they eventually find that they are each other’s perfect match. Their love story is a slow one filled with mixtapes and late-night conversations, but it is genuine and real. They are both trying to navigate the world, be by each other’s side, and they truly are each other’s soulmates; they just do not realize it right away.