A ‘Normal People’ Second Season is Unlikely, but There’s a Catch

While there may not be a second season of ‘Normal People,’ there may be something else on the horizon.

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Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People took off on social media during quarantine.  Even Kaia Gerber, as part of her Instagram book club, spoke with actress Daisy Edgar-Jones (Marianne) about the novel on Instagram Live.  With such a reader fanbase, the show was skeptically anticipated.  If we book lovers know anything, it’s than screen adaptations too often fall short of the real deal.

Normal People

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Thankfully, however, Normal People (now streaming on Hulu), was a great success; it was widely praised for its approach and hewed closely to Rooney’s source material.  But when any adored series comes to a close, the burning question is always: will there be a second run? Unfortunately for fans, nothing has yet been confirmed.  “We are not thinking about a second season at the moment,” producer Ed Guiney told Hollywood Reporter.

However, there may be hope yet.

Another one of the author’s titles has also taken off recently in the reading world.  In the same interview, Guiney announced that his team is thinking about adapting Rooney’s Conversations with Friends.  While it is a “cousin” of Normal People he says, it is also very different and will require a different approach.

Conversations with Friends

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If this doesn’t excite you, then here is one more light beam of hope about Normal People. Guiney said he felt that he had given a very complete picture of the lives of Connell and Marianne by the time the 12th episode came to a close.  However, director Lenny Abrahamson told Radio Times, “I have a fantasy of doing a kind of ten year seeing where they are in ten years time sort of thing, if I’m not too decrepit at that point.”  And the main actors seem to be on board :)

Connell and Marianne

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