#Bookstagrammer of the Week: @wherethereadergrows

Our favorite part of the week is back, #bookstagrammer of the week! This week we spotlight @wherethereadergrows.


Our favorite part of the week is back, #bookstagrammer of the week! This week we spotlight @wherethereadergrows. Their thrilling aesthetic will make you want to grab your favorite crime novel!  With suspenseful pictures and great book recommendations, @wherethereadergrows is a great account to follow for great #bookstagram content. So without further ado, here is @wherethereadergrows #bookstagram interview!




Why did you start your Bookstagram?

I’ve always been an avid reader and when I decided to start posting on Instagram, I realized that on my personal page, no one really cared.  Then someone found me from the Bookstagram community and that was the beginning of my separate account, Where The Reader Grows, and I haven’t looked back!


Image via @wherethereadergrows


Where are you from?

Currently residing in Astoria, New York.  I’m a military brat though so I have lived everywhere.


What do you want your Instagram to bring to the world?

I just want to spread the love of reading and to show that reading is FUN.  I also love showcasing the variety of reads and hopefully introducing readers to something new every now and then.


image via @wherethereadergrows


Fun Fact about you: 

I can wiggle my ears!! When I was in elementary school, I REALLY wanted to move things with my mind and concentrated on a paper clip for DAYS.  Then I found out a friend could move his ears so after countless hours of trying, I finally could move mine… my own ears… attached to my own head.  Haha.


Favorite Bookstagrammers:

Oh there’s just so many!  But a few: @prose_and_palate @jessicamap @shereadswithcats @scaredstraightreads @crimebythebook @suspensethrill – everyone in the @night_worms review group that I work with… among so so many more.



Favorite Books and Authors: 

My all-time favorite book will forever be Where The Red Fern Grows (of which I made my screen name from).  My favorite authors include Karin Slaughter, Heather Gudenkauf, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Sarah Pinborough, Alice Feeney, B.A. Paris


image via @wherethereadergrows


Fictional Crush: 

Can I veer from books and go to tv and say either of the Winchesters from Supernatural? ;)


TBR List:

The Bright Lands by John Fram, Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas, The Dilemma by B.A. Paris, Imagine Us Happy by Jennifer Yu – among the other HUNDREDS that are on my shelves and Kindle/IPad


image via @wherethereadergrows


What’s Your Special Approach to Content?

Hmmm, I am just absolutely transparent and honest in what I put out there.  I post the bad with the good in terms of reviews but always in a respectful manner – or I try my best to.  


image via @wherethereadergrows


Aesthetic / Instagram page theme: 

I am a post at will kind of person.  The only theme that might be there is that it is mainly a thriller page but I do have a variety of genres peppered within to keep it interesting.


How often do you post?

Oh, probably more than I should! Haha.  Typically at least once a day – sometimes two or more if I have committed posts.



What does your Bookstagram mean to you?

It’s a safe and happy space where I can talk to people who are like-minded, learn more about other authors, genres and the world in general that I otherwise would’ve missed out on.  To know that there are THOUSANDS of people (if not more) that find the same things I do to be so fun and interesting is such a treasure.


image via @wherethereadergrows


Favorite Bookstore:

My local bookstore that I review for! Astoria Book Shop!


Who would you have supply you with a lifetime of books?

Um.. anyone who would want to? Is this the equivalent of a Book Sugar type person? ;)  I’d even take a Splenda! haha


Author to take a selfie with: 

Today I would love to meet up with E. Mellyberry as we have corresponded a lot via Bookstagram.  We not only share a birthday together, but her writing is beautiful and I consider her a friend.  


image via @wherethereadergrows


Favorite book cover: 

I love a minimalistic but powerful book cover.  This also changes at any given time! Haha.


Book you have claimed to have read that you didn’t:

What? Do people do this? I’m a terrible liar – I can’t pretend to have read a book and not have.


When did you know you had made it as a Bookstagrammer? 

The first time someone mentioned I was an “influencer” I was like WHAT? I’m just over here posting my little heart out and didn’t really think about it.  But I suppose when people started really coming into my DMs and asking my advice that I felt like I was really making an impact.


image via @wherethereadergrows


Favorite fandoms: 

Supernatural!  Ok, so that’s not really bookish but it IS really popular so I’m gonna go with it.  I don’t know really if fandom is a big thing for me but anything that’s dark and macabre – I’m here for it.


Advice for aspiring Bookstagrammers: 

Remember that you can’t make everyone happy.  Make your page your own and not what you think other people want it to be.  Think of it as your online book journal.  Interact with other pages that you like.  Be respectful and as much as we all love follower count, remember not to focus on that – quality is very important.


image via @wherethereadergrows


Additional bookishness: 

I did a recent inventory of all my unread books and I have 908.  UNREAD.  Yikes! Haha!  SEND HELP!



hank you so much, @wherethereadergrows! Join us next Friday for another awesome #bookstagrammer!!

featured image via @wherethereadergrows