Behold A First Look At Upcoming ‘Harry Potter’ Store In NYC

As a ‘Harry Potter’ fan who only ever heard about a new ‘Harry Potter’ store coming to NYC just recently, I am well beyond pumped to relive the magic of the series in this very store.

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Guess what, Harry Potter fans? The wait is very close to being over, as NYC will be unveiling the entirety of its flagship Harry Potter store, the largest in the world, near the Flatiron Building at 935 Broadway, this June third (only a little more than a month away)! For now though, we got a special sneak peek of the store from the inside-out that I’m sure will leave you satisfied to wait until then.

The building is measured to take up 21,000 square feet and will have three floors in total – the same number of floors as the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue has, so I know that is BIG – housing the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts gear known to man – or wizard. There’ll even be 15 separate theme areas within the store, many of which can’t be found in anywhere else, including one with an interactive wand station so you can test out your wand!



Image via Entertainment Weekly


That’s not all: You will be seeing many movie items, as revealed by Karl Durrant, VP/General Manager of Warner Bros. Retail Destinations, who had worked with the HP filmmakers. “We’re bringing authentic props that come directly from the films and also authentic recreations. From the Harry Potter films, you’ll be able to find Harry’s authentic wand on display, as well as Ron’s, Hermoine’s, and Dumbledore’s wands. We have the original Golden Snitch, Harry’s broomstick, Tom Riddle’s diary with a basilisk’s fang in the middle of it, and many other items.”

And the magic doesn’t stop there, as you will also be able to experience the whole Wizarding World virtually! “We have two virtual reality experiences will be able to reveal more about soon,” Durrant explains. “One will take you on a journey around Hogwarts called ‘Chaos at Hogwarts’ and another that will put you on a broomstick where you can fly over the River Thames in London called ‘Wizards Take Flight’.”

The best part (at least to me)? The store will also be holding and selling unique items that can’t be bought anywhere else, including personalized wands outside of Ollivander’s! (Though you can get a limited number of the items – minus the personalized wands – on the store’s site at now.)



Image via Entertainment Weekly



As a Harry Potter fan who only ever heard about a new Harry Potter store coming to NYC just recently, I am well beyond pumped to relive the magic of the series in this very store: I’ve never been visited Universal Studios’s Harry Potter World way down in Florida and this store would only be no more an hour-long train ride from me… And as for the pandemic, as long as we all get vaccinated and keep up our mask-wearing and social-distancing habits for just a little while longer, I’m sure that this magical trip not too far away from home will be all worth it!

And as exclusively stated to Entertainment Weekly, Durrant agrees with the sentiment behind the new HP project: “It’s been a really tough period in people’s lives and by opening the Harry Potter store in the heart of New York City, we’re looking forward to bringing some magic back into people’s lives.”



Featured Image via Harry Potter Shop