‘Folklore’-Inspired Stories Are Here (And We’re Loving it)

Love reading? Love Taylor Swift? Check out Folklore’s Invisible Strings, a non-profit, fan-run archive of stories inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore.’

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Obsessed with Taylor Swift’s newest album? We are, too. So imagine our surprise (and excitement!) when we stumbled upon a website of folklore-inspired short stories and poems. Folklore’s Invisible Strings gives you the best of both worlds: reading and Taylor Swift. What could be more perfect?

What began as an idea to create a non-profit YA anthology of short stories based on the sixteen songs of folklore quickly evolved into Invisible Strings. Rather than limiting the project to sixteen authors and short stories, the website allows numerous writers to submit their folklore-inspired work to be featured on the site.

Unaffiliated with Taylor Swift, the fan-run, non-profit archive is meant to give writers the chance to pen stories based on folklore’s songs.

“This website and the invisible strings of the stories we will share here will forever be an inclusive, accessible, and FREE way to share the stories that Taylor’s songs have inspired in us,” the site reads. “I think that’s the best thing we could have hoped for. I’m so excited to help give those words a home.”

Created by Lily Meade, the site is run by a mod team of five, who will evaluate story submissions and publish them to the site. They emphasize that they won’t be judging submissions based on quality, but rather ensuring stories are on topic and not spam. 

You can read the site’s short stories, poems, and personal narratives here. Or, if you’re a writer, submit something!

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